Virgo-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


With a little effort and tolerance, your emotional and marital relations will not work even a little bit badly during October. The new moon in the field of personal values ​​at the beginning of this period will bring Virgo need to really think about relationships in which they are. You yourself are aware that the past few months has left its mark on you and the partners that I have the necessary changes to the ratio of fully stabilized. Ask yourself how much you care about the person across from you and that you’re willing to for the sake of it and your mind, you hover over some imperfections I get again a firm connection. Those efforts be invested in the relationship in the first part of the month, will result in positive changes in the second half of October, when the planet of love and harmony, Venus enters your field of home and family. Marital relations will be reinforced, and the longer the emotional ties will be evident increase of love and intimacy. Available Device – in your field of love is transiting Mars, your ruler fields of communication and movement, so it is no wonder that in this period will be much more willing to enjoy the sunrise, a good time, having fun and meeting new people. The second decade of October is particularly interesting, because then more equally interesting people, can turn around you, so you’ll be the sweet torment that the selection of “the real” business. In fact – the whole month brings you a good chance for love, you only have to let events!


The new moon in your field of work and money at the beginning of October will open before Virgo lot of good business month. Until the end of the second decade will be extremely talented and focused business I did not even wonder what all this will result in stability of your business, but I good financial inflows. Pay attention to the people with whom you come in contact, especially in mid-month. During this period, you are not advised izbrzanost in agreements, but not getting into any discussion with people collaborate. Those days do not make decisions at speed, and double check that you do not make mistakes and omissions in the performance of daily duties. Are possible criticism from superiors. No, this is just a couple of days will be a little turbulent, the rest of the month is more than good for you. Jake business opportunities and those who are unemployed. You can expect a larger number of shorter business trips.


Greatly improved the health situation of older and younger members of this sign. Continue to take care of yourself, and good habits you have in the past adopted, encoders excellent results. The only thing you need to pay attention to the increased appetite and able to grow.