Virgo-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


A complicated emotional month before Virgo. Solar eclipse occurs in your sign, your ruler Mercury goes retrograde stroke, a lunar eclipse in the field of serious partnerships. Also in the field at home two malefics – Saturn and Mars will only add burden to the whole situation. But one thing – the beginning of a period it will be evident that the emotional bonds and double relates to a large intersection. One relations that have long situations are not as expected, will live a difficult exam and it is certain that some of them will cease to exist. I have to say, you or your partner will not have enough power to independently “pull out” attitude, what will be necessary is that both of you understand that your relationship is in deep crisis, that I must devote efforts to save what can be saved to. I wish you a commitment, responsibility towards the relationship with your loved one … .and happiness … .because you will definitely be necessary. If there is a secret emotional relationship, regardless of whether you are busy or free – there will be no major crashes … Not available members sign will not easily pass through this period – in the first two decades you are “neither here nor there” … I do not know what you want, it’s time to turn the former partners, stands alone time, time to interfere in combination and sexual scandals and little affairs. Only since the beginning of the third decade will start to recover slowly I give you “Switzerland”. But the real emotional situation, unfortunately, remain only for October.


Jupiter enters your field of work and money at the end of the first decade of the month, but you will feel its positive effect only at the end of September. Before that, this is a pretty awkward and tiring journey through the water treatment business. Eclipses of the Sun and of the Moon will act most in your business partner relations and it is possible that there will be some cooperation in this period to end, and some of you even I can not stay without a job. The collegial environment will be much disagreement, even insinuations and it is evident that communication and those with whom you work directly, but also with external partners to be very complicated. No, it’s not all bad – when in the last decade of the month Your ruler goes direct walking and begin to emerge from the shadows, some missed opportunities will re-open in front of you. Also, you’ll make it harder to solve business problems I slowly begin to create an excellent foundation for the period which is just in front of you, in October. In the financial segment – only in the third decade of recovery I expect stabilization.


I will be with you accumulated problems cause tension and stress, which will certainly affect your health situation. Do what’s up to you to relieve yourself – Rest, relax, try to lead a healthy life.