Virgo-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Great worker Virgo is predisposed to seriously consider what will your business. During the month, you can expect less financial decline, but this is not the end. You have often associates around you who hinder, should turn yourself and your intuition, because the only thing that can get you the money and good business idea. Of course you will for a period of Mercury retro will be wary of the papers and documents in circulation: good read everything before you start any work. Energy are in good condition and full of new ideas. Good cooperation with people born in the sign of Virgo or Aquarius. You should of Scorpio or Gemini to ask for help or money.

LOVE: If you are alone, a friendship can give you an interesting period where you develop something more than that. You need to move around more than usual. Many free Device will have the impression that in relation to a person who is engaged in some work atypical Standards ordinary citizen. You should not trust this person because he / she is just an illusion and a lie. The sooner you should get out of the vicious circle. You may need to enter into a marriage of convenience. Device in a relationship or marriage will be facing their obligations and will refer to it gets colder. You must be your warm and reasonable energy point to a relaxed attitude and communication, in order to overcome the upcoming period.

HEALTH: Health is the most important, frequent insomnia, loss of immunity. More vitamin is necessary, particularly in the second half of the month.