Virgo / Pisces characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Ascendant in Aries does not agree very well with the sign of Virgo. This compound sign and Ascendant often leads to internal ambivalence and fairly leaping behavior. In this combination are forced to live next to each other two opposite nature that will be difficult to merge into a single nature. What is typical for the Virgin, and that the refusal to give in to their impulses, it opposes debauchery Rams animal soul.

Neat and pragmatic mind is exhausted in trying to restrain vigorous and aggressive outbursts. Device of this type are torn between their raised and complex nature. These people oscillate between courage, boldness and increased sense because of constant concern. Naturally, here and Aries will be able to realize its characteristic stamp, but must first overcome the internal barriers that Virgo unconsciously construct against his ferocity and vigor – a person torn between nagging and withdrawal often search long before finding.

Virgo – Virgo is, depending on the situation, an ambitious and fruitful being, at the same time eccentric and conservative, extroversion and introverted, rebellious and disciplined, instinctive and thoughtful, enthusiastic and skeptical … If these two natures constantly contradict one another, it could easily happen that such person withdraw into themselves, burdened with a variety of feelings such as guilt, constant suspicion, resentment. This creates a scrupulous temperament, manic meticulous to uselessness and neurosis.

If one person, thanks to favorable development, manages to balance itself influences both signs, methodical, austerity, measures, realism and intelligence will become a valuable asset for the development of innovative spirit of Aries and realization of ideals. Adventure will experience a certain security, a need for freedom will express through the search for inner harmony, outside anarchy and sheltered from the outside chaos. Such a person will be measured and persistent and will learn to rule his energy to her summer was fruitful and beneficial impulses …

– You have more self-confidence and penetrating you from the typical Virgo. Basically you are troubled, your approach to the world is the immediate rather than diplomatic. You’re so different from the others, but we often happens that you misunderstood. Stand up for your beliefs when needed, or you prefer to use your critical spirit that makes you a great opponent. Do you find good arguments. If you learn to curb your tongue to your criticism be communicated with more tact – you will achieve much.

You are intelligent and instilled in you endurance, methodical and absolute precision which escapes is not the tiniest detail. Know how to run a second, you have inexhaustible energy and the need to find a place to the point – you may want to dedicate a new constructive idea and its realization. Make sure that you only little things have been disabled and that of the “multitude of leaves do not see the wood” …