Virgo prude, Capricorn depositors, Fish spavalica … what the atmosphere when they are all together?

How much would be interesting, but also stressful to live with 11 people, while they are all different in their basic characteristics and habits, and thus after the zodiac signs? Just the thought of it causes chaos in my head. Here’s how to look like one of those days …

6:00: Virgo gets up and clears a shower bathroom. After brushing, the brush is placed in a sterile glass and is her special place, away from the other brushes.

6:15: Capricorn gets up and switches off the boiler, expired term for cheaper electricity.

6.20: Taurus goes to the morning run.

6:30: Libra and Leo are fighting for the mirror moisturizer and hair gel.

6:40: Taurus breakfast chocolate lubrication and spoon.

6:45: Goal gets up and restores water heater.

7:00: Cancer says sandwiches, Virgo squeezes fresh fruit juices. Gemini is still in bed with mobile check email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

7:05: Scorpio bring down the bathroom door, Libra comes mortally offended with the kit, in your hands.

7:10 Aries gets up and includes a stopwatch.

7:11:45 Aries showered, dressed, dressed, waving from the steps. Excludes stopwatch.

7:15: Taurus grebe residues per jar. No more chocolate lubrication.

7:20: Libra and Leo again have a showdown in front of a mirror, the last test appearance and admiration for yourself before departure.

7:30: Aquarius in the shower with cold water, Capricorn is again turned off the water heater.

7:40: They’re all leaving.

7:45: The twin returns, he forgot one of the three mobile phones.

7:50: Gemini is back again, I forgot my wallet.

8:00: The fish wakes up and realizes that it is locked in place.

From now on, when you choose a roommate, and a boyfriend / girlfriend, first ask what is in the chart and then decide whether it makes sense to share with him my corner (little joke).