Virgo-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

The sign of Virgo enjoys the reputation of leading critics and accountants Zodiac. Its members are intelligent, critical, agile and flexible, but what they lack is the intuition, instinct, imagination and self-confidence. Device learn with ease, have a great memory, and their practical spirit wants to apply knowledge in practice. Thanks to the skill and precision, will be reported in a number of crafts, but the more dedicated work, more and distance themselves from others. Prices accuracy, are very conscientious and responsible. They do not like pretense, affectation, snobs and parasites. All analyzes are prone to criticism because they strive for perfection, and so concerned about every detail, you lose access to the whole. They need someone who will encourage and exhort them because they are quite insecure. Avoid risk, especially when it comes to finances.

Good work until things go as planned, but as soon as there are any discrepancies, catches scare them. Although they appear cold and balanced, very nervous and worried. Most often they were criticized for a lack of feeling and affection. A certain coldness and aloofness will draw many, but when after a while nothing changes, and their interest stops. According friends are seldom completely open, and even if they would do anything for them, they do not know that show. They have good acquaintances while real friends are losing, because they think they can always calculate how much who gives and receives as much.