Voluptuous FOUR: These signs of the horoscope you can have whenever you want

These are signs you simply can not control when it comes to sex.

Known for its hypocrisy, Gemini prefer to have the option. Curious and always willing to make a step further in what interests them, people born under this sign are ready to do everything to expand their sexual knowledge – even at the risk of destruction of their relationship. The twins are rarely satisfied and always looking for new and fun ways to satisfy themselves and their partners.

When Aries comes, their libido is difficult to satisfy. Wild among the stars, Leo likes to be free and to chase their passions, not knowing the boundaries and obstacles. Like Gemini, passionate shooters will not complain if the directory have several numbers available at all times.

Although quiet and sensitive, and Pisces find place in this list. Those born under the sign of Pisces adore small trips, and sex is often one of them. SAVIS, when it comes to sexual fantasies, these people are the real experts, so the kiss too many frogs before finding your prince. However, their promiscuity is often the product of their incorrigible optimism in search for true love than sex.

This fantastic quads certainly have to join the mysterious Scorpio – a symbol of sex. This mysterious and somewhat dark character is able to go from one extreme to another – or to be surrounded partners to death or be fully absorbed in himself. Regardless of this, sex plays a big role in their lives and a large part of their personality. Škorpja not cease to be fascinated by sex and because of that are constantly looking for new sexual experiences.