Vulnerable and durable? The month in which you were born reveals a lot about you

Month of birth has probably affected your character, even more than the signs of the zodiac. Unlike astrology, about how there are certain scientific evidence.

There is no doubt that the temperament, the character, the fate of women depends not only on its education and surviving life’s moments. Birth, in a given month, can tell a lot about that woman. So:


In this month of coming into the world patiently and toughest women. Often they are endowed with traits stoic, masculine character. They certainly will not complain and share revelations. I’d rather be alone, proudly and independently, solve all your problems. Januarske women do not like it for the cleaning and decorating the house or in the kitchen preparing meals – have talent.


February’s women are rebellious, stubborn, sensitive and can be vindictive. They have quite a complex character. For them nervous breakdowns occur, but at the same time, there is quite a high level of self-control. They are not afraid of difficulties, decisions are made expeditiously, without thinking long. Because of the rush is not always accurate. Excellent manipulate people and therefore often have a good career. Very love children.


Martovske women – the most vulnerable women. They are very emotional and vulnerable. Often show stubbornness, which eventually goes to their detriment. They can be unsafe and are often considered unfortunate. These women, because of their shyness, really hard to come to success. Nature has given them the fragility and charm, because they so often attracted to men protectors.


April is the month of the brave, persistent and motivated women. The perfect complement is considered rationality and practicality. They always know what they want, so slowly but surely achieve the desired. These women can not tolerate instability. Emotions and feelings they always come first, behind the mind.


In May born independent and demanding, uncompromising and resolute women. I do not forgive easily, anyone can easily lead to divorce, although the later inevitably complain. They are stubborn women leaders, so they’re easier to take care of the boss’s office to find her husband. For priority placed all the material.


June’s women are very cautious. They are often vulnerable and insecure, but in fact, they are so good that you will never be vindictive. They do not like conflict, have good intuition, which helps them uizbegavanju conflicts. Treat mood.


In this month are born shy and modest woman. Often care and is constantly engaged in self-examination. Their whole life is subordinated to the mood. Modest and romantic, in a state of deep feeling, but I do not show it. Home and family are, for these women, the most important thing in life.


Proudest and most independent women are born in this month. They are good and noble, but very hungry for power. They love to be the center of attention, much appreciated independence. They have great charisma and despite the multitude of interested men, the most valued family relationships. They are very honest and decent women are therefore often subject to fraud.


September’s ladies – emotional and temperamental. Of the other women differ prudence and proračunljivošću. They are very self-centered and a bit scarce, so difficult to separate from the money and return debt. They like to be in the company, but still looking for their own benefit. They are very jealous, extremely meticulous and know very well how to cook.


In October are born very simple in communication, responsible and discerning women. Moderately as practical, but at the same time and generous. Decisions are made very carefully. They have a good memory. They are very principled and do not forgive betrayal, but still trying to save the family, which occupy a leading position. Are great hostess.


Calculating and selfish woman. They are very strong personality, with a strong intuition. Their spouses will have to accept the fact that their opinion is not often taken into consideration. Are economical. They are very passionate in love and temperament. They know and love very deeply.


Decembarske women – emotional women with explosive character. Stubborn and fearless, independent and direct, they will achieve success, overcoming all obstacles. They are very communicative, romantic, idealistic, are good friends. Do not characterized by thrift and are very temperamental, so that family life often have difficulties.