Watermarks – deep intuition chilling Scorpio, Pisces are not from this planet

Emotion and the intuitiveness of their natural properties. They will always feel on the inside, being in touch with your inner voice more powerful than others. When this bond is lost or weakened, and they seem to be lost.


The man – always associated with home, family origins, its antecedents. The roots have to grow from which man, the beginning and end of life, bending nests and family environment. Cancer is the most important truth about her inner self, the soul of the human to be reached only by deep routes, honesty, virtue, crystal purity, intuition. Man Cancer is a bit emotionally unstable and too attached to his mother.

The woman – the perfect hostess I related to her family of origin, or the one that I establish itself. For children there is a better mother around the Zodiac. Is prone to exaggeration and often changing mood. His excessive concern for others often expressed through tears. As the male members of this sign and woman Raku oscillating feelings.


Man – All the things we can see and feel the external senses, Scorpio is able to provide. Death and birth, rebirth, destruction to build, the ability of renewal, regeneration, death and life, struggle, crisis, win the fight. But it is also bogaat spiritual world that always goes along the edge of the external, tangible and profound, intangible. They emphasized the libido, but it is based on that deep spiritual belonging.

The woman – vamp that initially camouflaged facade femme fatale. However, it is a truly sentient being who survives their inner conflicts. It often creates bias for the woman Scorpio. Just mask the dangerous and senseless gives protection against external influences that it can not absorb. She enjoys love all the senses I absolutely committed.


Man – This sign will certainly lead us into other worlds. When a romance, not a better experience with another character. Freaks or people with special talents, artists who see the world differently, devotees feelings and cults, religious leaders, gurus, and illusionists, addicts, samoobmanjivači, liars for pleasure. They’re easy to seduce, or they can easily mislead others.

Women – talented actress, but I for the life scene. Sensual and seductive. Their reality is out there … They are still opposed to Scorpio, very self-sacrificing mothers who direct their children in a religious manner, I attach importance to spiritual education. Good manners and educated, they are hardly revealed.