Weak points zodiac signs …. crab is most easily upset, Virgo can not criticize the style of dress ….


Rams do not like to be ordered. Anyone who tries to do something to them or telling them how to do something, they will not hang out with this person. Rare are the Rams who like their bosses. And another thing that should be avoided in Rams is that he does not talk about his shortcomings.


Bulls do not like it when someone interferes in repose, lunch or when they touch personal things that are very related. If you cancel your holiday or lunch, they will become very nervous and then it’s best to remove as soon as possible. It is often forgotten that the intangible things sometimes more important than the material.


Gemini will quickly and easily offended if you tell them to be quiet, that’s what they’re doing wrong, or if you tell them that they are boring. This may result in the termination of any communication with you. Gemini also hate the most when you tell them how to drive while driving.


Tropic is most easily annoyed by them to impose duties that have nothing to do with the house, people or family. I just do not like it when something must be alone, without a society to do so. Also, if you try to change their habit, you’ll face resistance where possible and argument.


Lions hate the most when they are ordered. I do not like to talk about your finances so that you avoid any issues related to finance. Do not tolerate people who boast, and which rights are important in society. Also, the saying that we all know, no sleeping dogs lie, it’s not for nothing elaborate, just avoid them to be, unless you have a valid reason for it.


Virgo can not criticize the style of dress, as well as their arrangement of furniture in the house. If you do, Device become very sensitive and you may have hard feelings about it. I do not try to order them around when and where to be – it is best to help themselves to say.


Scales can not urge to express their opinion, they will say to themselves when they thought it was the right time. Scales do not tolerate quarrels and squabbles, but if you try to argue with them, they will simply ignore it and go to the other side.


Scorpio does not like to be ordered. If you insist on, they just will not listen, but it can happen and do exactly the opposite of what you’re ordering. If Scorpio hurt, know that hard to forgive, they do not like lies and you never forget.


Scorers just do not like obligations. They will work themselves when they are doing, and if you force them to do something, you’ll only make it worse. You do not like to spend their time indoors, the best feeling in nature. You do not like silent people.


Capricorns very difficult to tolerate other people’s lack of seriousness, because rare are the situations when they themselves are not serious. I do not like it when they are impatient, for one simple reason: they’re always late. That’s why I do not like meetings that are scheduled at a specific time.


Aquarians do not like to slow people who procrastinate with their obligations. When Aquarius everything must be completed because it simply can not be peace of mind knowing that they have unfinished business. Aquarians believe that life without the stress and bustle is not life. And the only thing we are afraid to stay alone, because constantly have to have friends around.


Fish hard to bear when someone ignores. Fish can not stand when you help someone, and that person does not know how to appreciate their help and effort. Also, they can work best if you do not have a goal or mission. It is best not to disturb them while they are doing something because it’s so easily annoyed.