Weirdos, critics and too strict FACE: Of the three zodiac sign all people fleeing!

To apply some signs that are popular in society and welcome guests. They easily make friends, and opposite them there are signs that the opposite is true.

When you’re famous, people expect from you a lot, you know how to Amara. With the team faced the Lions, Sagittarius and Pisces, which are always gladly seen and without which it is difficult to imagine a reunion.

And then, there are three signs that many will look to get around in a wide arc, if possible.

Members of this sign take on much more intense, a special connection with as few people have neither the desire nor the need to make friends with everyone you meet. With many people do not even want to chat casually. Therefore, they were not the first on the list of invitees.

Scorpio will never call your friends, if you do not really considered very special in my life.

All communication very seriously and would rather have three important people in his life than a bunch of people who will only disappoint.

They will not embellish reality, however, the members of the zodiac difficult to wait for a successful career in diplomacy. They have friends, but it’s difficult that you will like Virgo and gains the heart of the first ball.

They can be sharp, critical, which is why people often refuse best.

I will not care because they are not popular, be sure to consider themselves to be the smartest, and know that those who love them really accept them as they are and not what they would like them to be.

They do not have time to be popular – they have better things to do. Not that they do not have friends – know how to acquire them.

They will prefer to surround a small number of people, even if often colleagues (past and present) considered friends. But they do not have the custom, the ability nor the desire to cultivate new friendships.

Those who do not know they are often considered to be too strict, even the weirdos.