Well, AJ ‘US to wash the sheets: Discover what each zodiac sign thoughts after sex!

What indecisive Libra, Pisces emotional, imaginative Pisces, confident Aries zodiac signs and other thoughts after sex? Have fun and please read below and make sure you have all the truth.

Impatient RAM: No rest, second round, now!

Relentless BIK: It took only two and a half hours, you must think I was too short. I’ll eat something and we will again.

Uninterested BLIZANCI Where’s the remote? And check emails. Is someone calling me?

Romantic CANCER: When are we getting married? We were made for each other.

Confident LAV: Not to brag, but nobody better than me. I’ll put a mirror on the ceiling to be able to watch in action.

Practical Device: I have to wash the sheets. Dust under the bed, and we can immediately vacuumed.

Undecided SCALE: It was great, but maybe not. Oh, certainly. Probably not.

Passionate SCORPIO: Wait a minute to find a dongle and you take off the handcuffs.

Distanced SCORER: I’m glad that we hung out. Do not call me, I will answer you.

Disciplined CAPRICORN: We finished on schedule. We have excellent, but can do better than that. I believe in our progress.

Imaginative AQUARIUS: Let’s go home now, but we can and then once more.

Emotional FISH: I feel that we got close to a spiritual level. Out in tears by the power of our love.