What a place waiting for signs of the Zodiac: Aries will die glupirajući the lions will come head selfi

Life and death are part of our life, and always love to have fun predicting its own place, which shows that totally enjoy that consume little morbidity in everyday life.

Many want to know when they will die in order to avoid the fate of Mount Doom, but realistically, of which no one can escape. To do less black topic, let’s add our horoscope predictions and characteristics of each character, so it will be fun to read what the stars predict death zodiac signs.

Since they are very free-spirited and adventurous, the last words Rams may be “detained me a beer” or something similar. They will probably die very unusual and it glupirajući, for example, while trying to stand steady on something high and unstable.

The bulls will die insisting that “do it yourself” and “without help” because they are very stubborn. Their deaths will look something like this: manipulator purchased a new policy that will ultimately fall on them because they did not want anyone to call to help them.


People born under this sign will probably die friendships with the totally wrong person. They are very sociable and friendly, and although the person on the face of it says “error” Gemini will embrace it.

These highly emotional signs are likely to die of a broken heart, or some such similar clichés. When something really bad, then come out to light their destructive characteristics, so you can get to know a whole different side of this character.

Lions will die while trying to be the center of attention, and probably will do the self because they are created for them as tragic stories accompanied hashtag #selfiedeath.

Meticulous Virgo is likely to die in the office and on holiday! Some characters really are out of luck.

Vagić will die doing something for someone they love. For example. will force your partner to be vaccinated against influenza flu while they will not forget to do and eventually to die for it.

Members of this sign losers in a fight over some issues and arguing that they were not interested. But will ensure that everyone knows that they really were right!

Sagittarius will die of laughter and literally, and probably will be working on his own joke.

Capricorns will die of old age with a lot of years, surrounded by people who were disappointed the through life – you can not disappoint them for the last time.

Members of this sign will hurt helping someone else. For example, try to save someone who is drowning and eventually drown themselves.

Fish will die because their head is always in the clouds, which means that it will probably wear Sluške ears, writing verses on mobile and cross the street at the same time – a bad combination.