What are friends zodiac signs: Taurus is possessive, Cancer spoiled, and everyone should have LAVA FOR SECOND

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Aries is impulsive and self-righteous (does not tolerate foul play), so that the site, run up to help a man in trouble, no matter who it was. I also acquired friends, but just not too many nerves for those who are scattered, some chronic problems. Always ready to help, will be created where it is needed if you invite a friend, and as resourceful, resourceful and witty, his inexhaustible enthusiasm, always transmitted to others.


Taurus is slow to heat up, but slowly and cools, so when he becomes a friend to someone, it’s almost for all time – a reliable, loyal and naturally possessive. Do not criticize him by telling him about some other and better friends than him because he found it difficult to bear the thought that you might be nicer to others, and that it does in this society. Friends price by the way they react when the need arises help him, even though nothing I can do at this point.


Although it has a lot of friends, he relies mainly on himself, because he thinks’ hundred per hour. Confuses their rational approach in all circumstances and in all places, because there is always an extremely logical and acceptable solution for those who seek help from him. It amuses him to contact, casual, casual, easy, chat and collect information that might come in handy just a friend of his, but can also be used against the enemy. Hazardous toys, whether you are friend or foe.


It does not give you direct it clear that he needs, but also the environment and expected to read between the lines of a problem there. If you do not help him when he needs, many grudges and waiting for the moment when it will remind you of this. Due to the variable mood, uncertain as a friend, because you never know under whose influence will loosen when his armor. Ume better to understand than to help, but he sure your problem as it is a problem of another person – can then be objective.


Just glad to help because of the generous and feels his gratitude to others, but never insisted on it, nor the resentment of friends who are forgotten. He prefers to be able to help each other, but that I depend on someone to help, even if it is from a good friend. Self-confidence, due to professional satisfaction and money gives him a sense of power and influence even the people you see for the first time in my life, but never throws them not, because the male lion is always a gentleman, a woman – “lafica”.


Hardly will you surprise if she does regret the injustice that was done to you or something that you can not solve, because the Virgin is always ready to cope with anything or anyone. Excludes emotion (what you at first glance may seem cruel), focuses attention on the problem, but the unerring logic and objectivity puts things in their place. And the thing is resolved. Invaluable as a friend, and if the enemy is-always be close to her.


Although it may seem superficial, Libra is a great friend, because he’s a born lawyer. She can hear, he can consult, because “put in the role of” your enemy, but thinking like him. However, provided that it does not bother when you go to the hairdresser or beautician, but it will certainly immediately, while still under the cover, start thinking about how to help you. She hates to ask for help from a friend, and it is expected that they themselves offer, but often miss some opportunities and chances.


One thing is certain – Scorpio does not need to have an enemy, and if a friend of yours, count on her boundless devotion and loyalty. If Scorpio entrust secret or open the soul, it will never be misused. When disappointed, poorly written that when it is a disappointment because it does not give up until the even. She needs time to gain confidence, to accept someone as a friend of whom still expected to respect her privacy.


A great friend in every situation, potegnuće all your links to help you, but make sure he does not mind, because it can be a very unpleasant and vindictive. If you seek advice from Sagittarius, although choosing to say, he will shoot at the core of the problem, so do not be surprised if you feel a bit injured (usually says what he thinks). He can not socialize with anyone, somewhat elitist, asking themselves similar and for friends, but he knows to act snobbish.


When Capricorn you have to pass some tests and checks (which you will not just yet not be aware of), so that you accept as a friend. Although true to form and etiquette, when you ask for help from him, it may surprise you familiarity and understanding (which is contrary to his suštoj sustained behavior). Once you break the friendship, it’s forever, but he needs a lot of that happening. It is better to have as a friend than an enemy, because you never forget when you have betrayed or deceived.


Aquarius is biased toward friends that always has an excuse, whatever they do. Friendships make easily, anywhere, anytime, seemingly easy, as it is with someone they are already familiar. Nonšalatno approaches, there is always a hot topic of conversation, and later elaborates the areas that are most interesting. When you find yourself in trouble, do not ask the time of day or night – will be created where you should be. Comes to the aid and disappears, and gratitude is neither expected because it is essentially a very noble.


Fish are born psychologists, but there is no better shoulder to cry on their, but avoid them entrust, if you have colleagues born in this sign (make sure that all your weaknesses and problems transferred boss). Empathize with others, or know how to feel and what you wear deep down as a grief or prolonged problem, and therefore you can not “loads” for all time. When their friend for help, and still have time to delve into his problem, while intuitively find a solution or assistance.