What are the signs of the zodiac in bed? If you want someone to attract and drag to bed, here’s advice …..

Each zodiac sign is different and each of them loves the other things in bed. If you want someone to attract and into bed, and pushing it and keep with you, see what you need to do to succeed in this.

RAM: WHAT sooner the better

This zodiac sign is known for his directness. Aries will not hesitate to give his naughty ideas to their partners. But the problem with the Rams is that they always want to immediately get to the point. Aries will do everything, but within a minute.

BIK: romantics

While Aries all the passion, Taurus is willing to wait and go slowly. Expect dinner and drinks repay so that you will be upset.

But when Taurus decides to get to the point, get ready for a long foreplay. If you’re a romantic, Taurus is the right person for you.


Gemini will use all your intellect that you take off. If you are quiet and withdrawn, you may be surprised when Gemini is doing with its juicy and seductive monologues. If you love phone sex and dirty words, twins are the perfect person for you. But be prepared for the things that you may not like.

RAK: making love, not sex

Crabs are very emotional, which means that sex is not seen as a physical act, but as an act of love and affection. If you end up in bed with cancer, be prepared for a lot of tenderness and lovemaking.

LAV Narciso

Passionate and adventurous nature Lava can not be surpassed.

Leo will always know how to figure out a way in which you can meet. This character was born to be the dominant sex and has a lot of confidence. Although it will certainly be nazaboravan sex, get ready to let your satisfaction will be elsewhere, but his first.

Device: Veiled NIMFOMANKA

Shy Virgo will surprise you with its readiness for sex even without a condom and without a clean sheet. This reserved and terrestrial character is essentially very passionate. When you meet an Aries and acquired poreverenje in you, beware. You will not have a moment’s peace.

SCALE: connoisseur

Libra is an artist when it comes to sex. She looks for perfect harmony with your partner, progress in every aspect and paying attention to details such as sexy lingerie, massage oils and soft music.


Unrestrained Scorpio is the most obsessed with sex. Although its magnetism can hardly be ignored, can result in burns or stab to its sting when you’re done with it in bed. Although you will most likely have the best sex of your life, Scorpion’s “love but leave it” approach to sex can make you cool.


Master the art of seduction who enjoys hunting. He cares for his powers of seduction and ustremljuje to the object of his desire until he becomes helpless and does not surrender him.

CAPRICORN: slowly but surely

Capricorn is hard to fall in love. Slowly says the first step and steadily approach the person you want to. It may not be so skilled, not shoot out of energy, but you will be next to him to feel as if the whole wants to eat, each part separately. Be patient and you will be rewarded.


If you love to play with toys for adults, it is best to find an Aquarius to play with her. Aquarius is always ready to experiment and always finds ways to satisfy your partner and yourself. Although, sometimes can go too far in experimenting.

FISH: lazy to take action

Similar Crabs, Fish will appreciate the emotional connections during sex more than the physical act. The passion, the love, attention, patience – it is most important to them. But you will have to have completed most of the work. The fish are lazy and like to others as doing everything for them. Borrow some toys from Aquarius to sex more appealing.