WHAT ARE U INDIAN SIGN: A sign is the best lover – sex with him will remember CEO LIFE!

The Indian horoscope signs are related to animals: otters, beavers, woodpeckers …

All people after the date of birth is assigned the spirit of an animal that represents their personality. For example. Vuka born under the sign of the greatest lovers among the zodiac signs.

From 20 January to 18 February

People born under this sign are extremely intelligent, have good intuition and are very creative. Very well recognize other people’s emotions. When they care about someone, they are very dedicated. Friends always find themselves, according to members of the family are very sincere and warm.

When left alone know how to “go astray” and be rude rebels who would stop at nothing just to get to the finish line.

from 19 February to 20 March

Wolves are very gentle, emotional and passionate – the largest among the lovers horoskops signs. They understand your partner’s needs and want to fulfill them. On the other hand, freedom is important to them because they are somewhat solitary types and any attempt to deny them freedom will end badly.

In some cases, they can be impractical, stubborn, vindictive and obsessed with something or someone.

from 21 March to 19 April

Here is a born leader because they are able to calm heads think of any problem and bring the right solution. People born under this sign are constantly on the move, do not waste time. Prominent business associates. Sometimes appear presumptuous and arrogant, especially if you have a bad day – then they can be rude, impatient, vain …

If you are surrounded by people who support them, are very passionate and compassionate.

from 20 April to 20 May

Beavers do every job with confidence, cleverly and effectively. The people born under this sign does not make sense to cross brains, because they have a very sharp mind and a sharp tongue, and also think they are not always right and not tactical.

In love are generous, loyal and very careful. When you are in a bad mood all around terrorizing anxiety and arrogance. They can be possessive and too demanding.

from 21 May to 20 June

Born under this sign are a cheerful person, full of life and very sharp. People like to socialize with them even though they can be slightly narcissistic and selfish.

They radiate so much life energy to operate contagious to people around them, especially the partners with whom they live. If by chance a bad mood, can be very changeable moods, impatient, lazy and even hypocritical.

from 21 June to 21 July

Woodpeckers are very caring, humble, full of understanding and know how to listen with genuine interest in other people. They are organized and resourceful. They are a great support to the people they love. They are very good parents, romantic partners and friends.

In moments of good mood as romantic, but if you are not in a good mood, they can radiate anger, be jealous and possessive and somewhat evil.

from 22 July to 21 August

And people born under this sign are very creative, intelligent, have a strong intuition and radiate energy that often drives other. Are confident and enthusiastic as the magnet attracts other people. Sometimes you have to agree with them, though not exactly right, just because they are so attractive.

They always have to have a purpose in life, even if it’s something small. In love the calm, sensual and generous, but if you hurt someone, they become rude, self-centered and intolerant.

22 August to 21 September

Bears are very quiet, patient and practical and they are very good business partners, and they are great and as teachers. They are reasonable, generous, humble, and sometimes a bit shy. What they love showered with affection and unselfish love.

If you are not in the mood, can become suspicious, withdrawn, lazy and little things bother.

from 22 September to 22 October

These are the biggest charmers and born entertainers. They have so many strong energy that their people can not resist. Consider them geniuses because they are able to at the same time be idealists and diplomats. In love, romantic, quiet and relaxed.

When you have a bad day can be vindictive and hard.

from 23 October to 22 November

People born under this sign are extremely spiritual and are an excellent material for a good spiritual leader – most of the shaman was born in this period. Snakes tend to be successful in healing or in jobs related to medicine. However, as more spiritual than material prices, others view them as freaks shrouded in secrecy. There are also those that they’re a little scared because they seem gloomy.

However, they are caring, sensitive, passionate, especially in a society partners. They’re so important to them that love is reciprocated or else they become depressed and prone to strong mood swings.

from 23 November to 21 December

The people of this sign is not easy to live, because they act as if they are constantly at full speed. They tend to frequent changes and love adventure. They can be selfish and inconsiderate-consuming. Often end up in trouble because of their own recklessness. However, extremely flexible and versatile but somehow find their way everywhere.

In love are sensitive and caring, and if they are not in a good mood tend to be aggressive and embittered.

from 22 December to 19 January

Geese are trustworthy people, and if you give them something to perform, you can be sure it will do well. People born under this sign are very dominant, ambitious and persistent, and if they have a goal – do not give up until I achieve it. They must succeed at all costs when something mapped out but not to prove something to others, but to yourself.

In love, they are passionate, sensual and witty, and the support of loved ones means a lot to them to succeed in their plans.