WHAT ARE U INDIAN SIGN? Otters love to all, geese are born to rule

Did you fly high like a hawk, or maybe you are a tireless like a beaver? Maybe you loud and draws attention like a woodpecker, or charms, and you tell great stories as a raven?

See where you were born under the sign of Indian horoscope.

Soko March 21 to April 19
You were born to fly high, you are quick and almost no one can stop. You’re clever, well all you see and evaluate. You are destined to stand out, and responds to you as the leader of others. By nature, you are brave and not afraid to take risks when you see your target. Once you know your goal, aim fully focus on achievement. Strive to be independent and love their freedom. Soko symbolizes successful, active and steadfast people who live the way they want themselves.

Dabar April 20-May 20
You are valuable and trustworthy person. In life you have important security and stability. Build slowly and consistently, never deviating from its stated goals. You’re absolutely committed to carrying out its duties. You are loyal, caring and protecting the ones you love. Tireless and you always have a good strategy for success. Carefully create your way and try to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Successful you in all the work that you do.

Jelen May 21-June 20
You are quick and skilful people. Easy to getting along in life, soon you see the dangers and know how to overcome them with ease. You are resourceful and easy to you to make your way through life. You are very communicative, social and like to surround themselves with people. Family is very important to you, as much as the friends whom you have in abundance. So you feel protected and safe. Well-meaning you always expect good.

Woodpecker June 21-July 21
You are intuitive and resourceful. You have a lot of energy, a lot of moving, you are happy and communicative. You are persistent and determined, never giving up on your goals. If necessary, I will repeat something a thousand times, but you will not give up. Understand that you may be quite loud when you do not hear the other and both get the attention you need. You have a strong will and you are quite determined to achieve their goals and priorities.

Salmon July 22-August 21
You are strong and persistent person who knows what she wants in life. You do not care too much whether what you want to interfere with the will of others, or the time in which you live. To his rebellious. No obstacles will not hinder nor stop you reach your goal. The bigger the challenge, the more you have the will and strength to realize their aspirations. You’re brave, intelligent and confident.

Medved August 22 to September 21
You have a big heart, you are brave and devoted to the one you love. Always ask as a protector of others, you are stable and persistent nature that does not stop in front of obstacles and adversities of life before. You have a strong character, firm and hard, often support others. Almost nothing can break. Falls, bumps, all this only strengthens and encourages to continue. Your patience is much and react like a beast, only when someone excessively endanger your safety.

Gavran 22. septembar – 22. oktobar
You are charming and witty person. Ingenious you and thanks to their high intelligence, easy to accomplish goals. People love you because you know how to be fun and to relax them. You learn to communicate and know how to tell a great story, to charm and seduce. A good judge of people and easy to see the secrets that hide the other. Your eye, nothing remains hidden. Basically you are an optimist and inspires others with their inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Snake 23. oktobar – 22. novembar
You are intuitive and sensitive person. Easily assess people, but more than a sense of common sense knowledge of the truth. Easily discover the secrets of others, and skillfully hiding their own. You’re fast, skilled, ingenious, easy to change the skin. You have a great power of regeneration and renewal ability, easy to return from the dead, and when you write off the other. Thanks to the great inner strength that you have, never surrender.

Sova 23. novembar – 21. decembar
You are a clever and determined person. You see far ahead of itself, easily foresee events so you can surmise them. Curious and full of turmoil, want to know everything and everyone to try, to fully experience life. You have different interests, you tend to change and easily navigate from one end of the world to another. The deep wisdom of life makes you a good teacher who willingly transferred everything they have learned to others.

Goose December 22-January 19
You are ambitious and persistent person who is always directed toward its goal. Durable and tireless you to get what you want. Worthy you are, and ready to give up many things like what your priority. Shows great confidence and courage, which is why you get the respect of others. You are loyal and support a maximum of loved ones, or ask the same of them. The family is always important and happy for her sacrifice.

Vidra January 20 to February 18
You are quick and resourceful person. Curious and inquisitive, and love to run the risk that you play in life, but first you set a stable foundation that you could not afford. You are intelligent, easy to assess people and all life situations. Almost nothing escapes your sharp eye, writes the Independent. You’re fast, you react intuitively and rarely wrong. Druzeljubljiv you, the people you love and you’re pretty popular. However, love freedom and you often elusive.

Vuk February 19 to March 20
You are compassionate and generous person, and that your generosity and compassion, arises from your faith Dubuc. Throughout life is taking intuition and what you feel. Easy to express feelings and teach others to do the same. You are loyal and dedicated to those you love. You have great strength and endurance, which allows you to spend all of life’s adversities. Understand that you are extremely caring and gentle, but also to turn into a beast if someone attacks what you love.