What are you afraid of zodiac signs in sex …. Sex is an art that must be learned!

Sex is an art that must be learned by the fun and exercise, which carries more fears and neisgurnosti than any other human relationship. Therefore, sex someone can turn into a nightmare i. Look at the fear of which zodiac signs.


Sexual fears: Not being good enough

Idealism is the main motivator of Aries, and the fear of his and his partners’ expectations are not fulfilled his greatest fear. Rarely is the Aries comes just pure sex – are important and self-control, passion and love in addition to physical pleasure.

Solution: Udeljujte him lots of compliments.


Sexual fear: Making bad decisions.

Bullock’s heart is slowly recovering, however, although not against bonds for one, prefer a monogamous relationship with a partner whom he could trust. Since the sensual nature and sensitive heart, one of the most important thing for him is to find stability with a good partner.

Solution: Make sure it stability.


Sexual fear: Negative consequences.

Mobile Gemini flights from branch to branch, from dream to dream, or fear that their actions can not bring them into a trap. Pregnancy, negative feelings, fear of disease and remorse Gemini, but you will hardly notice it from their behavior.

Solution: Talk about your expectations.


Sexual fear: to be embarrassed.

Sensitive Crabs are unsure about sex until they find a permanent partner. Stability and confidence are crucial, although can experiment with strangers, do not like to do that often.

Solution: Emotional support and friendship.


Sexual fear: Boredom.

“Sexual Magnetism” is synonymous with lava, but if the room more snoring than sighing, Leo begins to care: when it comes to, you or him and whether it is related doomed? Mediocrity does not understand and do not accept. I can not relax until things do not start running again.

Solution: Variety.


Sexual Fear: emotional involvement.

Although the sex know how to indulge, Device not allow all went too far emotionally. They rationally know that sex is better when its objective pleasure and know that the most risky area at their heart, not the bedroom.

Solution: Do not mix emotions with sex.


Sexual fears: loss of control.

Many scales are available in sex and access to him intellectually. I do not like to be drawn into sex, or they can intervene in order to meet prartnera. Therefore, I think that sex is only in being good and the only way you can attract attention.

Solution: There are many non-sexual compliments.


Sexual fear: The feeling that it is not necessary.

Scorpio is very sexual beings and their partner is very necessary, but really want and to feel that they too needed it. Aries likes to be in a relationship where both are equal and have equal power.

Solution: Do not try to be in charge.


Sexual fears: loss of excitement.

Sexual freedom is incredibly important Sagittarius. Not to say that they are incapable of monogamy, they are just prefer partners who have strong lines and great imagination. Creativity and intellect are the most important for a shooter’s sexuality, although a nice feel in a rut, quickly tired of it. Boring partner incapable of intellectual conversation will be readily cooled.

Solution: Change the city.


Sexual took to the streets: Inability to abstain.

No sign does not set itself such stringent requirements as Capricorn. While dreams of being consumed by passion, a lot of fears losing control. Fortunately for them, it rarely happens. Losing control of them means losing the ability to manage their own lives, but even something like sex for them can have fatal consequences. Capricorn does not take anything for granted.

Solution: Do not rush.


Sexual fears: loss of power.

Although not overly sensual, Aquarians are aware of how much power the sex. Does not like to be in a situation where it can be reversed. To keep the interest of Aquarius should learn during sex how he behaves and what are its needs.

Solution: Use the intellect for the common good.


Sexual fear: exposure.

Figuratively speaking, Fish do not like to be naked. This sign is very unsafe and must have high self-esteem before they believe in anyone’s compliments and felt pleasantly during sex.