What birth date tells about you? He did not care whether you were born 1. In the month or 18!

What birth date tells about you
1 in mesecuVi you are a leader, you have a strong will and love to go their own way. You’re hard to obtain, but also when you have a soft spot for him, you are ready to do the show. You have different preferences intellectual, creative, and you have a very good organizer. Beware of jealousy and domination over others.
2. mesecuVolite in music, rhythm, dance, have a sense of harmony and love all beautiful and the finer things in life, but the pursuit of art right call for you. You tend to underestimate their possibilities of what could be a major handicap in life. Take care of your environment, because what you can cheer, but also get into depression where you are quite prone.
3. in mesecuVeoma’ve got talent. You have a good imagination and you would be a good journalist or a writer. Social life and your friends are the most important thing you do in the world.
4. in mesecuVi you steadfast, immovable, and sometimes stubborn and opinionated. You are a great worker, systematic, loyal, conscientious and never give up, so I can say that for you the ideal world of business. Speak the truth even when it should not, because often you will gain enemies. Your emotional nature is always under control.
5. in mesecuVeliki you enuzijasta and enjoy every minute of life. Every job that keeps you on the move will satisfy your unbridled temperament and ambition. Any field of activity that brings you in front of the audience would be ideal for you. It can happen to calm down the young, or your partner must always be on guard, because you hate the limitations and inhibitions.
6. mesecuLjubitelj you in a family atmosphere and is an indispensable companion to you that gives you the love and encouragement to be able to give my best. You are endowed with the wonderful voice that, if studying it, it can get you to the top of this art. However, it has to be demonstrated, and in any field of social work.
7 in mesecuVi you serious, quiet, analytical person who stands firmly on the ground. I always strive for perfection and are looking for the best solutions. You irresistibly attracted to science, and mysticism and the occult. You are very sensitive and sensible and good that you always follow your feelings.
8. mesecuRođeni you in all matters. Good assess, you can balance the person you are in authority. If you like power, money and spectacular situation. To be successful, you need a good organization where your preferences can come to the fore.
9. mesecuUticaj number nine in your life could bring you travel frequently, or interest in which to travel and communication were of great importance to your business life. You have impacts on humans and generous you are, but make sure that your protective energy not spend on completely the wrong people. What is your field of vision expands to you happier.
10 in mesecuRođeni you to lead and be independent. Therefore, do not ask for help from others because they just want to rely on you. Any kind of individual operation is good for you, you have enough pointers that you can do in life successful. Must Grow and his artistic inclinations.
11 in mesecuMorate learn to maintain balance, even when your nerves are on the edge of endurance. Keeping emotions under control are the basis of your health and satisfaction. Despite your above-average intelligence, sometimes indulge intuition to guide you to the unusual expression of your natural potential.
12 in mesecuVeoma you cordial and friendly to the people around you. You are very practical and has a certain artistic talents, and your charm gives you opportunities to market whatever you want in life. If you love life and friendship you encounter problems, you will be discouraged.
13 in mesecuMarljivi you and working, you have great ambitions, and prefer to organize other people, and sometimes they think you are dictatorial. Perceptive detail and proper conclusion. It would be good that the more you express feelings and to develop hobbies such as wood carvings and sculptures.
14 in mesecuRazvijena you and logic and imagination. You can create, but also to destroy the power of the strongest your side. Attracted to you new and original, changes and differences, the risks and challenges. You tend to over-experimentation, so it is recommended to practice patience and balance to successfully manage their career.
15 mesecuNajčešće to run away from situations in which you can dominate, which to some extent may jeopardize your mood and attitude towards the environment. Attracted to you all that is good and beautiful and you’re constantly looking for someone who would allow you to be what it actually is. You’d be successful and in the arts.
16 mesecuOvo in the number of spiritual values. He will bind the spiritual truths, metaphysics and philosophy, but for real-life facts. In essence, you are a perfectionist and very sad if you do not reach high standards. You need a family home in which you will be loved but also independent.
17 in mesecuVi if you do not like in your life and professional environment ruled by anarchy, distorted values ​​and disharmony. The day of birth is very good when it comes to finances – you’ll never be without money. It would be wise to important decisions you make for yourself, and leave the details to others.
18 in mesecuPosedujete expressed emotionality that you’re attracted to music, on the other hand, you are very critical and demanding. For you were “created as a” profession – critic and writer. Otherwise, will live a life filled with interesting poznastva and travel.
19 in mesecuVi you are after all born extremists. In emotional terms, you live life on the edge of a precipice, on the other hand, is characterized by your imagination stunning sources we are able to solve all the problems. Carefully choose your life partner, because your date of birth can bring you a lot of misunderstanding in the married life.
20 in mesecuVi you are sensitive person. You need the sincere friends, protection and comfort, without which you could not imagine life. Try emotions settle within reasonable limits, to be able to live normally and act. Success comes to you only when you develop your personality.
21 mesecuVolite in pleasant surroundings dominated by trust, harmonious relations and harmonious colors. Due to frequent changes of mood, you always need love and friendship. You prefer to receive than to give. Break passive spending, mostly in reading, but love and companionship and entertainment.
22 mesecuOštrog you in mind, insightful and down to earth. You are very solidarity, love of humanitarian action and you want to help everyone. Ideas that you fulfill your main guides. But for many of your ideas need a lot of courage and collective consciousness, and this is where you come across obstacles.
23 in mesecuVi you are an independent, proud and responsible. You have the ability to accurately diagnose “disease” in the political body, an organization or in society in general. Top agree with members of the opposite sex and with older people you admire. Faithful you are exposed to the arguments, which facilitates determination in business and dealing with people.
24 in mesecuImate amazingly a lot of energy. You’re ready to take responsibility in everything, especially in the family or society. Mana you what power and responsibility you can specify the conviction that only you know what’s good. Perhaps you have been most successful in the field of medicine and education.
25 in mesecuIntuitivna you and gifted person, but often poorly understood in their midst. The successes are what feeds your vanity and what your life makes thought-out, but to do that, you need to get rid of depression. You need to feel the atmosphere of a small town to be happy and successful – then you would come to the fore.
26 in mesecuDom and family are most important to you. You are a great enthusiast in starting any new projects, but not when it comes to their completion. You are very proud, but it is better not to enter into marriage before the good does not meet a future partner.
27 mesecuVaša in connection with the surreal and metaphysical is very strong, a day on which you were born you linked to mysticism and philosophy. The negative trait of your personality is that when you jobs do not go from his hands, falling into a state of melancholy. You tend to literature and art.
28 in mesecuDominanti you freelance, you would do well to work on your project or within a reputable organization. Do you have enough imagination, lucidity and perseverance to complete each commenced thing. Freedom is very important in your life, but it is not good to overdo it. Extremely attracts you everything strange and unusual.
29 in mesecuU numerology your day of birth, we would say, plays a very important role. It is a day that can bring you in front of the audience, because you are an idealist with the characteristics of a great leader. However, often you are prone to mood swings. For you it is good always “very good” and bad always “very bad”. You live on an emotional seesaw so you are not easy to follow.
30 in mesecuRođeni you fantasist. Dramaturgy and literature are real challenges in these fields and the most you can express. Never be forced to do routine and monotonous tasks. That could kill your zest for life. Learn to be patient and do not waste energy on irrelevant things – it will always pull back!
31 mesecuLudi born in 31 of the month in the first half of life are generally persistent, stubborn and reluctant to any commitment or compromise. You have expressed an interest in medicine and herbs, and is in hiding you wish to medicine in what order and were the best. Source: Health and Beauty