What can you cry? Because accented vanity, you are able to cry and society at large ….

RAM – You’re very vain and emotional, so you can really hurt if the person to whom you care and that you were willing to do anything to deceive, betray and abandon. Then weep because you are unable to get back at her, because it’s still love. You are also sensitive to the children, and any form of violence against them provokes in you tremendous resistance and sadness, especially if you can not do anything by which you can help them.

BIK – Everyone thinks you’re handy, because you are standing firmly on the ground and nothing can move, which is mostly true. But when you begin to haunt the memory of an unforgettable love affair that could not be achieved, the tears began to slide down his face you. Suffer in silence, with your favorite music and drinks you sometimes drank together, do not answer your phone, all the while somehow themselves not odbolujete their grief, even though you know that’s impossible.

GEMINI – usually pay when you have denied, and you are powerless to do anything. For your capricious and whimsical nature, you are able to cry because of all the things in your environment seem utterly irrelevant. Lack of courtesy and respect for the elderly and care for them can make you sad, because in their “third age” in a way you can best understand.

RAK – For accented vanity, you are able to cry and in a large company, when you hurt someone, but you can not to excel as you used to, or as you would like. However, if one of your loved ones sick or in need of help, engage the whole family, let all that you think may have something to do, or you will be the most difficult to engage around that person.

LAV – illness or poor health of a close family member, or a situation where you can not protect your family, it can lead you into despair, but you feel as if your hands are tied. Aggressive behavior, especially of children and animals, can you really sad. Maybe the tears will not dive in a public place, but you certainly will not be easy to keep them, because they are very sensitive to the suffering of helpless and unprotected.

VIRGO – When your ego hurt, it really is hard for you, but often know how to cry over the fate of others, but of their own. In particular, you are susceptible to the elderly and helpless people, and visit a nursing home you can really finish off. When in a bush spasm abandoned little kitten or a puppy, even your body pushes you towards this soap creature that will accompany view: “Why do not you take me?”

SCALE – Although you know how emotionally react very violently to you is not easy to cry, because you are by nature reticent. Threatening scenes in public places and expression of emotions in front of others, but you are the person you love can hurt you if you are cheating, deceiving and lying. When you enter the house and remove his mask nonchalance and charm, crying to death plunged into the pillow and swear to yourself that you will not allow anyone to deceive you so.

SCORPIO – You want to cry when you are truly delighted some important event, whether it is a gala reception, wedding party, wedding, birth or baptism of a child, when something really touches you and hits your finest threads layered soul. If you are impressed by the achievements of your friends or closest relatives which you are contributing, you can fall hard if you are that person for some reason or agree disappointed.

SCORER – came you to cry with envy when you run out of money, because then you panic, due to the unfavorable financial situation in which you are simply helpless, while you do not like the feeling of powerlessness and poverty. It affects you and injustice to the people out there in the wide world suffer because of disease and poverty, misery or natural disasters, while some others profit from their kitty.

CAPRICORN – With a set of scrolling through family albums with old photos, while you overtakes inexplicable melancholy that only announces the tears that are just about to flooding. Closing the album and open wooden box decorated with ornaments in which even save someone’s love letters wrapped in blue velvet ribbon. If you are young, browse messages copied from your mobile phone or e-mails you get from someone you loved, and now lives in another state.

AQUARIUS – Mostly weep when “fall into the pit you have dug for themselves,” mostly because of a romantic partner that you left because you promised him, towers and castles, but do not meet. However, your brain works constructive “hundred per hour” and plotting how to stop the tears. And your friends can get upset if you fail you, as human nerve, news of abandoned babies, abused children, refugees and humanitarian disasters.

FISH – belongs to one of the most sensitive and najsujetnijih characters, but you cry easily, especially if you feel betrayed or manipulated by the person you love. Suze easy for you to go and when you’re watching a romantic love story or the Spanish series, but can hit you when you hear that someone mistreating animals that nobody did nothing wrong. To protect yourself, you want to get away from that reality and what you do – dreaming or traveling.