What color should wear your sign? All my colors are nice. Is the way you think?


Rams should wear red. Their ruler is Mars, so they fit energetic colors. Soft shades are simply not for them. On them will look good and what others can not combine, colors that do not fit together.


Pink is a color that is recommended for the Bulls, and all shades of green. Bulls prefer floral designs and colors of spring. Anything to not “dead” shades. Red them is not recommended.


For twins yellow color, orange, gray and gentle blue sky. Vetropir Gemini prefer to combine black and white. Yellow is in the details, as well as orange they are also recommended.


Recommendation for cancers that surround the silver and white. It calms them. The more you wear white, silver, and blue can, only to have bright shades. The room in which the stay should be relaxed and reminiscent of the sea.


Red and gold are the colors that Leo needs to surround himself and to wear them. The color of the sun, ruler of Leo, makes this a sign that šljašti. Bright hues and striking jewelry are good for Lava. Ocher is the color that they are comfortable with.


Brown, tan, gray, and green, the color of the grass, are recommended for this character. Earthy sign of Virgo loves reduced combinations, not too conspicuous color. Furniture color of wood or wood is the one usually selected. Details are important to them.


Pink, white, light blue, gray, cream, pastel colors, light green. Scales dress very harmonious, delicate love the color that can be easily combined. Inconspicuous, nice and elegant. And the furniture in their house should be in neutral colors.


For Scorpio are burgundy and black. It is easy to combine with other colors, except in a closet, Scorpio should in these colors and have furniture.


Recommend them dark blue and purple, and dark blue. Jupiter rules this sign, and purple or dark blue is linked to this planet. Although, Leo is one of the few characters who will opt for colorful paint, because he considers that all appropriate.


Gray, the color of the stone, and black are the colors of the goat, but their suit and brown colors. Practical business, members of this sign are calm so as not to experiment a lot to do with color.


Turquoise, green and blue are recommended for this sign. Im port and navy blue and blue.


Blue, green, light blue, dark blue, purple for Fish. All shades of the sea are good for this character. Also, even in the bedroom should have a shade of blue. They should avoid the color of earth and fire colors.