What determines success in your career? How are your home planet of success? What the stars say ?!

The very personality is always presented first house and each person tends to naturally exalts in the 10th house, talking about what a person will eventually become. For example, with Venus in the 10th house person may engage in music or do not have a profession, because it can be a housewife, but if the environment is described as pleasant and cultured person. When talking about his career, then primarily talking about Zenit or 10th house, because this house is about how a person will build and what will become of my life.

Career man that will deal primarily estimates of 10 houses, planets that are present in this house, and ruler of 10th house (the house position and sign and aspects). When a person does not work or anywhere where there is no steady job, she also has a position in public and something that gives the impression of her, so it’s essentially 10 houses, what the native weighs and what becomes.

House work and employees 6. house, and it describes what our working environment, as well as the type of personality shows at work or as an employee. In this house is a concrete contact with the work of this house describes the operation through which one person can be concretely materialized. House of movable property and money is the 2nd house and she speaks about the source of income, skills acquisition, as well as the value systems.

When assessing the profession, take the following factors:

• 10th house (the character which starts and planets in this house)
• The ruler of 10th house (the position in the house, and aspects of the sign). If, for example, the ruler of 10th house Venus and trine Mars, profession najčesšće will go from Venus symbolism but from Mars. For example, the 10th ruler of the house is the Sun square Saturn – profession will be the symbolism of Saturn and houses from which Saturn is coming. How is the square of the person will not be satisfied and can not change jobs, and all that is represented by a square indicates a transient business.

In the event that the ruler of the 10th house went in the 6th house, then this is good for service activities, workshops or work in health care. Or, if the ruler went to 10 houses 7 house, then these are public figures, politicians, diplomats, matiačri, etc.
• Sun and Saturn
• The sign of Capricorn
• significators temperament – indicators of fitness for a particular kind of work. Particular attention should be paid to the Ascendant and its ruler, and where is the ruler of the Ascendant is the focus of attention and interest of the person (with the ruler of Asc in the 9th house will have a completely different focus and attention from the person who has the ruler of Asc in 2. home).

The sun and the moon is important to take into consideration, because they indicate a character and emotional similarity people for a job, but these two planets speak about the need for popularity and fame. Often there are exceptions, when the previous factors do not have to be of primary importance. For example, the planet is in the Ascendant

It could be a strong indicator of a professional and powerful, as well as more

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Pluto as a planet significira job – talk about a job in a bank or the possibility of profiting from the war, after someone’s death.

Neptune as a planet significira job – along with other factors can not talk about doctors, pharmacists, chemists, actors, etc.

The planet Uranus, which significira job – these are activities in urban areas, new technology, computers, aerospace, engineering, major reforms or sudden social change may affect the business with which the person is engaged.

Saturn as the planet siginificira job – jobs that require durability or that develop in later life, jobs that entail a certain status in society, politicians, etc.

Jupiter as the planet significira job – easy to create career izdavašvo, wholesaler, academics, teachers, strangers – all this affects the status and career.

Mars as a planet significira job – matters related to the uniform, police, soldiers, athletes, medical professionals, surgeons, leaders and butchers, construction workers, etc..

Venus as a planet significira job – gallery jobs, art sets, beauticians, hairdressers, working in a boutique, musicians and many other artistic jobs, etc.

Mercury as a planet significira business – commercial operations, and intellectual affairs, transportation, lectures, writers, journalists, consultants, agents, communications links, and so on.

Moon as a planet significira work – contact with a large number of people with jobs related matters for mass use, matters related to food, real estate, etc.

Sun as a planet significira work – power, success, quality, size, power, brilliance, Stage, pride – are the factors that affect the status and career