What do we do when we get our hands on a pair? The stars affect whether you will be and the extent to which enrich …..

Although the attitude towards money initially determined by upbringing and circumstances, the stars still affect certain tendencies in spending and saving. Also, the stars affect whether you will be and to what extent rich.

Aries does calculations

Impulsive members of this sign usually not thoughtful, not even in financial matters. They go from one extreme to another – the account can have big numbers, but the second time be in debt up to their necks. Rams can not stingy because they love to buy and spend money on others.

Before you buy do not think twice, however, will not regret later. Not provided for wealth, they are more important to spend money on everyday pleasures and delights, but even if it sometimes means living beyond their means.

Taurus collects money

Members of this sign are one of the four members of the zodiac with the highest chances that amass wealth. They see money in security and emergency fund have almost always, even when you think you have nothing to put “on the side”.

However, this does not mean that life will buy cheap, they are targeted at high-quality and expensive things that will serve them for years. Some might say that they are stingy, but they are actually rational – will not spend a lot of others, but not themselves if the assessment that is being spent on unnecessary nonsense.

The twins spend on all sides

Definitely not one of the more economical, first in the category of those swinging. Their motto is “there is money to be spent,” and believe in your ability to cope. Often raise loans, buying the card, and if they see something they think is a good opportunity to make money – they will invest as much as it seemed risky.

That may well guess, however, even larger sums of money have long, they will be happy to spend on an unforgettable journey, desired luxury items or gifts to people who love. Rarely are becoming rich, at least in the long term.

Crabs know how to make

Members of this sign are aware of the value of money, and have no problems with saving or distribution of money. They have set ourselves a budget which held a very important sense of their usefulness they receive through earning money.

For those cancers which have a high work ethic and ambition, the chances of earning a lot of money, even lasting wealth. Vole funding, it should be kept scams and offers that sound previšedobro to be true.

Leo is the money of Honor

Depending on their growing up, the Lions can learn to be humble, or to throw the money if they had a favorable material situation. Of the first tasks that run quickly learn that the money has the power, but no matter how much you loved, often by irrational spending.

Saving only if it is for a specific goal, otherwise they will spend on their whims and the surrounding. There will calculate when buying a car and apartment, but will go for what they like, but often after repent.

Virgo has a practical approach

Members of this sign do not tend to great wealth, they aim to have settled the basic needs slush fund on the side and some money for luxuries. Money provides them security, and as the pessimists, it is their secret savings can soothe worries.

Even if you are in a situation that they themselves do not earn, try in their families to establish themselves as “ministers of finance”.

Aquarius has a lot, but so much and spends

Members of this sign often have the chance and the opportunity to earn large sums of money, but also they are able to spend a fortune at the time. The head always have a plan what to do next could buy or make payments – whether it is on goods, travel, home furnishing items, perfume, hair …

Always they like the most expensive things, but rather to buy a quality thing than to pile nonsense. They are a paradise for traders – it is easy to charm your.

Scorpio keeps money

Members of this sign are very mysterious in terms of money, do not like to reveal not how much they pay, not how much they spend, not save much. If thoughts of that savings, that are excellent, but the Zodiac destined to later in life to be wealthy.

They are not a problem to work hard and neglect your personal life, but only if they are well paid for it. In everyday life, do not spend a lot, but the money from their pockets can break certain vices.

Sagittarius learns to use the money

At a young age, members of this sign are careless with money, they tend to wear the stupid and attracted to betting and irrational investments. Although it can quickly earn money, they spend it faster.

How often in life find themselves without a “penny”, learn how better to save. Also, with age they learn that it is better to buy quality, not to accumulate things.

Capricorn full account

Members of this sign need to know how best to make money from, so you do not spend unreasonable. As much as I’d like to save and have that kind of security, there will occasionally give up luxury and are not stingy. Frugality and denial still worth it for the members of this sign, which in later life, have no fear of poverty already enjoy what they have earned. Often become very wealthy.

Aquarius spends long as there

Although a large number of billionaires born under this sign, it should first of all be able to thank their ideas they brought a lot of money, rather than access to finance.

Aquarius rely on credit cards and overdrafts for their survival, and while they have money spend it relentlessly – without specifying priorities, such as investment director and luxury. It is good to have someone in the family who will force them to limit their spending.

Fish easily become wealthy

One of the signs of the Zodiac which is in favor of financial luck, they can easily acquire riches, but only on their skills depends on whether you know that store.

The problem occurs if you enter the dubious investments or borrow money too often. They need financial advice, to take advantage of their potential and have a stable and even excellent financial situation, otherwise grcati in debt.