What dream zodiac signs …. The future belongs to those who believe in your dreams ……

The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. With faith in dreams, goals are set, we get the strength and momentum that lead us to do something good in your life. What dreams each sign of the zodiac?


He’s a fighter, always fought for a better tomorrow and dreams of a happy future, where will it go from his hands in all areas. Substances meet the enthusiasm and fight to achieve them. However, his plans change frequently, but the signs of the zodiac is not exactly known for his persistence. Often acts like a child and wants that moment to realize his plan, making it impossible to make it work! Quickly losing interest and always occupy a new substance, a new enthusiasm. In fact, when Aries dreaming their future, he thought of a free, intensive life, a life without shackles and constraints, without limitation, independence.


Sometimes it may seem very serious, and even inaccessible. However, it is a sensitive, romantic creature of imagination and remains free in their thinking, and planning a better future. He imagines himself to enjoy the money and an easy life, dreams of lifting a house that was always dreaming and enjoying all the joys of life. What dreams are more security and stability in the field of love. His dreams may be a little unrealistic or unattainable, but the positive side is that the Taurus fighting very stubbornly to the end, when something really wants!


Cheerful and always friendly, Gemini wants to travel the world, get to know other cultures and civilizations – to visit each point on the planet! His dreams for the future are not characterized by romanticism or emotion. Do not expect him to dream about love – his dreams are related only to new knowledge and experience. Prior to dream about … a new car! But when one twin have many wants, will do all we’ll work in 1001 way to your dream into reality!


Substances gentle Raka are full of emotion and romance, and most have a connection with the past. Sanja to feel what he felt once again how lucky person, that he is now far … Cancer often dream of marriage, family and children; in my head comes up to the smallest detail. His dreams are always related to feelings and he wants the depths of my soul that they are true, but his obstacles to achieving them very hard fall. In this case, known to be very disappointed, withdrawing into themselves and overwhelmed by pessimism.


Leo does not stop even for a moment to dream. He wants to highlight in my life, to stand out from others and to reach the heights. Sanja very ‘glamorous’ dreams for their future – dreams of luxury, a life full of luxury and well-being, or thinking about the ways to provide joy, laughter and love the people around you. In addition to a life of wealth, Leo dreams of great love, because you do not feel completely when not in love. Then he knows little and too far (which is typical for this character). Being persistent, keep trying and not give up until you achieve your dream!


How could a rational and practical man could not dream big? Virgo is very “earthy” sign, do not let your imagination run wild and dream of simple things, to whom she can reach. You have no idea about the great life and great love, and it is always moderate in all his thoughts. The logic has the advantage in her dreams. I often dream of professional advancement and the creation of better living conditions, and in these fields rather insists, however, seeks solutions that will help them achieve their goals.


Sweet, gentle Libra constantly dreaming and making plans for the future. However, what it lacks to achieve them are organizations, convenience and stability. So, what one dreams of Libra? She wants a huge closet full of clothes, shoes and handbags, wallet and full opportunity to troškari money, fulfilling itself every whim … Imagination will encounter a great love; wants to find his “soul mate,” his other half … but that previously has lots of choices and winning! Vague dreams make joyful and full of optimism. Even if some people do not realize, do not be discouraged.


If you ran through her mind a thought, idea, or perhaps a dream, she will immediately think of a way to get what he wants, and – does not accept defeat! Her dreams, big or small, concerning the issues of power – physical and emotional. You’ll never hear him talk about his dreams regarding the future; think about them only when they are isolated from all. If someone could penetrate the innermost thoughts and dreams of a Scorpio, I learned that to fantasize about a life full of passion, pleasure, sex, money, and power and authority.


Sagittarius dreams every day, set goals and never sit idly by, but seeks to constantly have overwhelmed! However, due to the lack of resistance and stability, often suddenly changes the priorities and preferences. It may be that some realize their dream and then realized that this was not what he really wanted. So what dreams you have an Aries? He wants to gain experience, knowledge, freedom, spiritual elevation … He wants to travel, to progress and to … draw a winning combination at the lottery!


Capricorn no idea, but comes up and keeps a strict program until you realize everything is up to. Do not expect the feelings you uncover your dreams of Votua and future. Always trying to firmly down to earth and does not allow himself to think too much freedom. Capricorn dreams have to do with progress and development. Sanja great career, social ascent, known name recognition and merit, reputation and that his favorite became proud of him. Even though the road is encountered an obstacle, Leo will succeed in everything, and sooner or later will realize your dreams!


Aquarius does not dream dreams that are related only to him. She wants a better life, a better future, dreaming that one day cease to exist hunger, poverty, accidents, war … He was “full” of theories, ideas and dreams for the common good! As for himself, dreams of life in which they will be free to do all that fills it and makes it live, want to meet a lot of people and in my life in general has a lot of nice people. He dreams of great love, that he will completely change your life! Aquarius may not be as patient and methodical in order to succeed at something, but what is certain is that it does not miss opportunities and thus reaches its goal!


The fish are “food” your dreams. It was in a dream, or when he is awake, the representative of this sign is always imagination and comes up in my head so many cute stories, and so vivid that it seems to really live in them! What does dreaming Pisces? They dream that they will find the charming prince (or princess), that live along the fairy tale that will forever live in great love. They dream that every day of my life heard a laugh, feel joy, emotions … It is difficult to “enter” into their mind and describe their dreams. In reality, they do not care too excited nor if they fail to fulfill their dreams, but what we certainly do not want is to have someone awake while dreaming!