WHAT EVERY SIGN THINK ABOUT YOURSELF: When is the best in sex, but when he’s lonely?

Some signs of the zodiac are narcissistic, some have an inferiority complex, while the other objective. Read how each of the characters describe themselves and their vision of the world in a few sentences.

I’m just the way I am, and who do not like, I do not care. I’m built, but in sex we unmatched. Mostly I’m right, and if I did not. Exact himself and original. First place is mine!

If you also think that I am a materialist, you are sorely mistaken. I just do not want to be too concerned with trivial matters. I know how to enjoy life, but to give pleasure to others. Money is necessary, but sex is another primary need.

You will say that I am a hypocrite or a little crazy? I’m not sure, maybe you’re right. Sometimes I wonder who I am, but do not hold too long on one thought, because I have a million of them in seconds. All in all, I get all the charm of what is necessary.

Poor me. How is this life difficult. I am good to all (not that it is still without a motive), I’m often people injury and then I need to get away for a while and eight in their suffering, even if others notice that I’m gone.

My mirror will tell you that from me stronger and fairer no. I’m a fighter and I can not remain unnoticed, because it really offends me. If I show up somewhere, and attention is not directed at me, I have to repeat the process just a little bit louder. I expect nothing less than that we admire.

If people realized the importance of at least some statistics on patients, perhaps to understand my “obsession” purity. I think that the world should keep my instructions and rules. Emotionally cold? No, I just have to protect her from possible injuries.

I gained weight! I do not know why people think that I am beautiful. Can it nicer. The fact that they think I’m burdened with physical appearance, I believe that only individuals do not care enough about their styling.

I am absolutely aware that I’m irresistible, and you do what you think I’m loaded with sex, you should consider the literature of Freud. It’s true, it’s not all about sex, and there is something in cash. It is enough to make me understand the Bulls just have reversed the order of priorities.

I can say for myself that I have seen half the world, and not a lot. I do not understand those who are tied to one place, one person. Life is beautiful and it is one. I will use it to the maximum, but for others … When you manage to see me off, only without obligation.

Life itself seriously. Work, order and discipline. I expect the same level of responsibility than others. We do not compromise and do not need superficial people. Empathy is an unnecessary feature.

I often have ideas that others condemn or understand. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy or the world. Very often I feel lonely, and I just need a companion to me to be a friend first.

I can not expose your identity completely to me this cruel world would not hurt. I’m a beautiful princess that will one day come prince and was showered with unconditional love. If this does not happen, there is alcohol to alleviate the sorrow.