What fate awaits you? Despite the fact that every person is different, there are some things he will certainly happen ……

Each zodiac sign through life will follow certain problems and accidents, which will be destined only to him. Despite the fact that every person is different, there are some things he will certainly happen or who will be able to cope.


Watch your head. Teeth are your weak point, and pay attention to the kidneys. Beware of injuries. You will have a turbulent life because you are adventurous by nature and do not include too much brain. The marriage will be faithful, which is fortunate, but very jealous partner. Shame on you!

Try not hazing himself or others, do not be resentful. You’re talented for anything and everything, but you will only be able to refine some. You tend to illegal activities, but you can have problems with the law.


Forget the cold drinks and ice cream because you have a delicate throat. Beware of carbuncles, you are prone to them. Mucic you and hemorrhoids. You will be very jealous but faithful in marriage. You will be a good parent, a philistine in you will never go away. May try to associate with other people or you’ll never be satisfied.

No sukobljavajte with superiors because you get the “short end”. Do not fly too much because you can not get hurt badly in the fall. Be calm and measured.


Weak points are you, lungs, nerves, shoulders and hands and wallet. Beware of injuries because they will be inclined, and it is possible to end up in an asylum. You like to assure you others, persuade, advise, correct, supplement … in love. You are ready to sacrifice for the love of a partner but also to submit frequent reversals precisely in love.

Your dual nature, will often put you in the love between two people. Do not concern yourself with heavy thoughts. Between doubt and faith, you will always come out victorious. Listen to your intuition!


Take care of your stomach and eat healthy food. Food is much more important. Like breathing! We may suffer from rheumatism or so, start in time to treat. However, if someone calls “pretentious sick,” not far wrong. You will be reckless in love. As you have created for marriage. By loving family and her village. You’ll love the quiet and peaceable life. Females of this sign will be a very good mother.

In the foreseeable future, you will have a quick career advancement that you will long remember. Stop being “solo player,” no you can not pass the world.


Keep your heart. Beware of rheumatism because you have weak ankles. Lions always give more than you take, make sure that your life does not suck. Pleasant before marriage, pleasant married. As parents, you will be successful. More and more you will convince in your abilities and you will begin to use them at his pleasure and satisfaction environment.

You will improve the financial status over the years and you therefore will not cocky. If you are married, be generous.


Beware of bile. We do not know how, but beware. The role of “pretentious patients’ well you know each other. You tend to argue, second, and weigh the “apple of discord” among Zodijacima. Understand that you are very rude. In marriage you are flexible, but exhausting. Woe is us with you.

Your house will always be neat. New unexpected events will surprise the limits that you will be able to follow. Will experience inspiring moments but will be “opportunities” spraying like a soap bubble. Let not failures discourage you learn more from mistakes. If you go, write it down.


Look out for kidney disease. Mucic you and bladder. Diseases of the brain, God forbid! For you quarrel something most disgusting and therefore you masterfully avoided. You will appreciate justice. You worry too much about your outward appearance. You’ll love to go out and show, with appropriate entertainment, with unavoidable “wipes”. The marriage will be pleasant, but as someone who hosts and very hospitable.

All previous misconceptions, razrešavaćete on its own “skin” and so will this solution be precious. In the foreseeable future, we will decide which will meet the rest of his life. May try to strengthen your self-confidence, but you will not have much success. Beware of the person in Capricorn. They are, as we say, but as …


Unfortunately, we may suffer from indigestion. So prison. In life you have to fight against the high temperatures and frequent disease, but you will survive successfully. Your passion will be well controlled because you are afraid to risk. Throughout my whole life, osciliraćete between sensuality and jealousy.

Sexual Research, for you are a regular hobby. Will point you attractive opportunities for promotion, but you will not know how to use them. There comes a time when you will need to write down their duties and obligations, be happy, you will pay. If you have children, you will experience great joy. Look avoid hot spices, hot men, and strong drinks. Only the beer out of the question.


You will be very-very zaljubiv nature. You will be very very very much in love in ourselves. You will experience moments of greatest passion and the greatest sadness. For these “fire” regularly will go out as a winner. You tend to sexual experimentation in terms of wandering because someone else is always sweeter. Just to see what will emerge from that, the most difficult is to be in love with yourself. You’ll be great friends. Living in a spirit of compromise.

You will have a few hitches in maintaining relationships or everything will be resolved to mutual satisfaction. As a key thing, “insert” meaning, purpose, and you will be rewarded. Get rid of the chaos. Jobs that will be dealing with, you will be satisfied.


Rheumatoid arthritis will follow you through life. Beware of the knee joints. You are a person with a strong and sincere feelings. You will regret your knees! You will always avoid quarrels and family disputes of any kind. When you hang up, that’s all. Can call all they want after that, the phone will always be busy! Late marry. Maybe it’s too late. You will be very selfless and faithful (not a marriage already married).

Gradually you will repair your relationship with others. Treat colleagues at work strictly professional. Be diplomatic. Be a politician. Be the official. Butit policeman. Or a millionaire.


You can expect to circulation disorders. In love, you will be prone to large fluctuations. When you encounter on the road, bypass is what “wide berth”. Only srejt! Cynics concessions and you will never regret it. More will veovati the “miracles” that come because the events that you expect to prove it.

The days are coming when you will hang out with relatives and close friends with whom, over the years, they began to lose contact and, behold wonders!


You will always be a cold and phallic you for some additional blanket to cover. We suggest that you get a bath towel. Do not mix meat and dairy products. Em as one idrugi greasy and nasty food, em what you have pimples. You will have the interference due to skin diseases. You will always long for great love. You will often suffer from feelings of inferiority and will therefore activate several defense mechanisms to confront. The marriage will be mild and self-sacrificing. You are able to adapt to any situation ( “like a cute fish in salt water”). All the more you show independence in the work you do, and you will also be surprised. Ono of practice: Brother! but I can do it!

You’ll meet new people and travel to exciting places, and then you will return to the “base”. Believe me, better to base, but the acid … though …?