What institutions zodiac signs-Each character has its own tactics and seduction trump card used by …..


One of the biggest stumbling zodiac, and how to succeed, that only you know. Yes, indeed, you win roughly the speed, no romance, no tenderness, and yet, when you win everyone is interesting. The problem is that you all get bored. Maybe this year a good time to work on your patience, who knows.


You are a tactile person who likes to kiss, touch and eat. So seduce, but not in that order. Know how to cook, easy charm and partners at the table without much philosophy switch into an emotional attack. Somebody likes this directness, some not … but will the person who will be with you in a stable relationship full of food and kisses. Quiet, while there is money … and when you run out, that’s the problem.


You can play, a call, send messages and emails without delay. Communication with you is possible without compromise and at any time. Partner enchants your sense of humor, but it would be necessary to shut up sometimes and say move on to work. Therefore, often silent, like, touch … Make love without having to theorizing about it. In fact, you are a big kid and that’s the secret of your success.


You seem cold and distant, but you is not easy to seduce, even when you’re interested. What attracts you is in your pedantry, and (contradictory) weirdness that always surprise partner. In essence you are in love, great, apart from the constant need to stick to the plan outline.


Within you awakes the need to flirt, eroticism and emotion and a typical representative of your character eventually becomes a top temptress and šarmerka. Zavodite stability, purity and reliability, and these are the qualities that should be nurtured, regardless of age.


I naturally Lav seduces beautiful fur and ostentatious attitude, just like in the zodiac. Immaculately dressed up, shiny hair, arrogant posture you’ve always been irresistible to the opposite sex. However, be careful! If you throw the emphasis exclusively on the exterior, you will continue to attract partners, which is not really important.


You do not really seduce. You wait to be deceived. Yes, yes … Stand still, perfumed and slightly sad look and wait for the person that you like comes to your emotions that you can not hide and you took her hand and take her to a nice, rosy future. Or perhaps both seduce? Who knows…


Your ruler Neptune, planet of mystery and ecstasy, but you are with the help of it irresistible to the opposite sex. In you is not hard to fall in love, but it’s hard to seduce because of shyness act reserved and thus leaves no doubt that you are a person who is interested likes it or not. That is, in fact, your greatest charm, it is known that always attracts the most inaccessible one that works. In love, you are brilliant, full of imagination, a typical romantic who likes to kiss, wages and the likes. With you it’s not boring, but be careful not to overdo it with secrets, as this may jeopardize the stable relationship.


You fight a fake voice that you are the greatest deceiver of the Zodiac. This is not only true, but you are, in fact, the exact opposite qualities; shy and insecure. When someone you love, loyalty is what your partner can count unreservedly. Do you like sex and erotic games and therefore choose partners increased eroticism.


You always knew how to love. Somehow children, spontaneously, without much thinking and seduce najnezainteresovaniju person. What we never could eat it lasts because you all get bored and want to change it. It’s no good you are told to rewrite because you just you – a big kid, irresistible charm.


You’ve always been known for their fancy manners, romance and impeccable charm that no one was immune. Most work for you Rams because of differences in the characters, but not with other members of the zodiac do not have a problem. When you want to seduce someone, anything that you can not stop!


You can not love only one person in the way society is, because you belong to those who prefer more people at one pointed platonic and friendly manner. This of course bothered partner, but usually only the beginning. As time progresses, he realizes that i fell in love with your breadth, friendship and maximum tolerance in the entire Zodiac.