What is astrology and what it taught? Astrology is the light of life!

It is not easy to define astrology, because everything you enter deeper into the matter, you realize that there is still a lot we need to explore and learn. Compare it with the inexhaustible source of knowledge. In short, using astrology, a person who is engaged in it interprets the movements of celestial bodies and their symbolism and, most importantly, interpret the influence of heavenly bodies on human.

Astrology is the light of life, that we are like a lighthouse in the sea is directed to keep proper course. Astrology leads us to the knowledge and understanding of our true, inner self, which some call the soul, the other the self, the spirit and the like. What we are able to dive deeper into ourselves, we are closer to their real nature.

Astrology gives us the ability to interpret a folder hidden treasures to us, if you interpret it correctly, reveals a richness that can not be bought or sold. Map of hidden treasure is called in astrology birth chart. Each person gets a birth of your map, or birth chart, and there are no two alike in the world. In this way we realize the beauty and diversity of this world.

At the same time, we recognize that for everything that happens there is no reason that life is certainly not the product of chance. To explain closer.

At the moment of birth, celestial bodies, namely the planets in the sky occupy a certain position. Think of it as a frozen moment in which new life is born. That moment is the gateway through which the soul enters the visible world. That moment is unique, unrepeatable and it happens right here.

At the outset, we see that life carries intelligence that has yet to manifest itself, and this means that life takes focus, because it is through guidance soul reveals itself! And how the soul gets focus? It is through astrology, through the interpretation of the position of the planets and the aspects in which they enter, as well as the interpretation of the symbolism of houses and signs of the zodiac.

Planete take a clear position in the sign, house and aspects in each other. Depending on the position occupied by the planets in the birth chart, the person will in the course of your life to go through certain energy patterns that have called karmic patterns.

However, astrology teaches us a very important thing, and that is that although we all go through certain karmic patterns, we are ourselves the creators of what is happening to us. Thanks to our actions that we have undertaken in the past we have become what we are now, and what we become depends only on the present moment. Although the moment of our birth immutable, fixed, although the positions of the planets and aspects do not change in the birth chart, a lot depends on us. If there is something we can not change, it is extremely important that we will thus set. The quality of life depends on the quality of actions we are taking, the quality of the desires and thoughts are creating ourselves and life that we want.

Through astrology we can become aware of hidden talent and potential, because each of us is an artist in his own way. If we all come into the world in order to achieve environmental tasks, or environmental dharma as some call it, just talent represent a form of life and dharma you need to fulfill. Living practically what we were born, we become happy, loving, because we feel that we live ourselves. Astrology can help us all creative energy directed in the right direction, instead of wasting around.

So, to summarize, the astrology makes it clear that life is our responsibility and as such we must accept. The moment you accept it, and we have the ability to change it. The natal chart just gives us insight into the quality of actions, as well as the set of all karmic patterns.

Planets, signs of the zodiac and the houses are not there, somewhere up in the sky, but in us. The energy of which we are created in the depths of our being, and if we want to hear what you have to say, we must carefully listen to them.