WHAT IS BEHIND THE DATE OF BIRTH? The month in which you were born discovers the person you are!

On your properties affect the day of birth and the stars that create your destiny, but says a lot about yourself and the month during which you were born.


The village is very easy to hurt, but quickly recover and because you yourself most. Often do you change attitudes, but you despite its capriciousness known for their generosity and kindness.


You are very attractive, but also gentle. You’re brave, fearless and I love adventure. However, although you are loving and kind, your sensibility knows how to lead to revenge.


You are kind, and your words all remember and repeat, because you know how to reach people with his speech. You are full of ideas and your brain is constantly working. You are sensitive, you are prone to hesitation and postponement of urgent obligations.


You are shy and very reserved. When someone thinks of you, the first is always an afterthought – the secrecy. Although we do not like to put himself in the limelight, you are honest and generous.


You are honest and loyal. Your friends know that you are always there for them. When dragging a little tooth and nail to stream toward the goal because your determination widely known. You have a far-reaching vision and easy to influence people in their environment.


Friends are the most important thing you do in life and love to have them as much as they are a real treasure. You are often in a bad mood and bad you are kind, but when you are surrounded by positive people you quickly appease.


For you true you are pretty frivolous. You like to create friends, but do not like unnecessary things and people in your life. Ambitious you are, because you often considered a cheat and a fraud.


Beating your voice that you’re the perfect lover. You like to indicate to other users on errors and to criticize, but their flaws seldom realize. You are silent, or you are a good speaker and know how to be extremely entertaining.


Feelings are most important to you in life. You are always very motivated and your will is strong. Think you are focused and often because of this attitude people act angrily. You love attention and know how to attract it.


You are very intelligent, but it is often misused. Know how to change the “story” just to get to the finish line. Nevertheless, you are emotional, gentle and generous.


You are honest and take care oosećanjima others in their environment. Tactical you are friendly, but do not like to be surrounded by people who are dishonest.


You are silent, but you have leadership skills. You know how to comfort people, even though you are an egoist. Themselves are very important and you want praise. It is easy to get angry, but your spirit is outstanding.