What is its symbol in sex: Lionesses will try hard in, Pisces adore foreplay

Here’s how it easiest to relax in the hot “fun among” sheets “.

While some go head through the wall, but when it comes to sex do not look at how this other side of the easiest to relax and lands on a hot night, others go through the wiser.

All you need to do is find out who she’s zodiac sign and to act according to the instructions. We really hope that this is a Sagittarius, you will see why.


When this’ father, it will directly provoke, and you look straight in the eye, however, when the discounts, in the most radical way to grab and throw on the bed or floor, or in bed no more be rude. Then concentrate because it is anxious to finish as soon as possible with time. Sex should be full of fire, explosion and passion, but do not overdo it, do not like exhibitionists and experiments. While these prenemažeš in bed, she was already up and dressed – and she takes repeta. It has “the shortest fuse” and fastest dresses.


Eeee, you have to approach it in a different way – gentle, cuddly and patiently, with stunning views of patience you’ll collect later. You have to prepare, because it has nothing to do with the quick – red should know because he loves foreplay and seduction. But do not you wonder if all this is still not complete sexual intercourse – the problem is you confuse because some terms. And to make sure everything ended up having sex, you need to pick a night and dinner, and of course – the most intimate atmosphere with pleasant music, and the best that night be alone. After sex will remain long in bed with you, and be prepared to continue to prove – even words if necessary.


And with it you can make love to your phone in the car, even while talking. She is so curious that if you make an appointment here, you’re not really for anything. When it does not turn “feathers”, for it you have to have a story. But remember: it will be with you until you tell her interesting. If you’re thinking that you’ll easily with her, you’re wrong – you’ve got the first mental consciousness, and of course, the thrill, arouse curiosity. You have to outwit and that. Hey, and when her eyes glow, you have to look at it straight in the eye and tell her what you’re doing to her. Well, here we are. It is curious to see how you’re going to do it, but do not be surprised if you see that myself irritant. This is a prelude, and then approaches without any plan, in a quick sex with a leg – it’s the best. I do not try that again. What you did, you did. Hello! Only if you left a very good impression.


Racice are cool, like a little mummers and to pretend to be poor and unskilled, or seek solid evidence of love. There is a problem because you are not here for charity, but because of sex, and that’s the difference, a fundamental difference. You can not get upset if you do not feel that it is part of you and you have to be very careful and sensitive, especially you have to be careful what you say because it is very sensitive. You have to make sure he does not doubt that you’re her only for sex – you’re her, period. After zadobiješ her trust, after several days of attempts, beginning to warm. But what, in her there is nothing in a hurry. Sex should not be in a public place, there must be an intimate atmosphere and safety. You know, she likes the smells, and the highest – in the bathtub …


The lioness will suffer the most. At the end you will be disappointed. In them there is a rule that you’re there for her, but she is not for you, though in fact she came from, or in a moment turned the situation to their advantage and to your side. And when you decide that you do not, it will take you, and you will hardly wait for everything to end. And it all has to start with flattery, as she was the best fish i have not ever seen a woman like that. It will, full of themselves, to look at or watch, from head to toe, because he likes to know how much money you got, what’s your status, and only then you can walk up to the compliments. She loves the story, but only about themselves and to those in the most beautiful light. About sex to say nothing, because you’ll see it for himself – so much noise for nothing.


Ouch! For Virgin you need a lot of patience because it is difficult to relax – this is about her is not developed. All is stiff, you have to teach her how to relax. But you have to be careful, do not let her doing daposprema house, because it will be back next year, and your dreams will become – let go! With her to “rigid” comes when ripe. On the other hand, do not even think that unbathed touch. And do not begin a story – you’ll ask yourself why you came. But just so you know, you can expect hysterical outbursts, fending, rejection and masterfully reason to avoid you. I usually when he does, she does it out of a sense of duty. Now, do not get involved too much if you do not think anything serious – it’s not fair. If you give, do it for some reason, this is not abuse.


A small nuisance Vagica likes courtship, fineness, aromas and beautiful clothes. If it’s someone who needs to stay for longer periods of time, it’ll have to do every time – if you care about her. Sex will do just fine, but certainly you can not be rude not slimy. Will not seek a deeper relationship because she loves him, she’s in love with himself and loves to tease, flirt, but not pushy – the mirror seems to invent a similar her. Yes, beautiful.


When the erotica and sex, you’re “broke”. If you’re not ready to give my best, and soul flees from Scorpio. That’s the kind of guy you’d pick a fight, maybe even a fight, cry, and then go to bed and die from it awakened passions. In bed, however, the initiative leaves her. Excite the dramatic situation, but if you’re a sissy, you have no chance. You do not have anything to talk to her because if he wants to, and she has already taken. A favorable in some circumstances, be careful not to wind up dying in her passionate embrace.


She likes animal, wild sex, risk and impossible situations. You know, someone said it’s good, it’s the type of woman that a caveman dragging by the hair and drags in the cave. When it passes all that is unthinkable in other women. Her repertoire is bigger than yours. With it, you can not talk openly about sex, and if so, they will say: “Come on!” Ma, will accept and to park in a public place, on the bus, elevator. At home you can do it while cooking or when leaned over to reach something or looking out the window – back.


It was blocked, and see how to marry – if you’re serious. If it does, he’ll give you my soul, for my whole life. Your encouragement is that, and trying to prove yourself as a nobody. And in return you will have someone you can always rely in life. She will be the pillar of the family.


He loves unusual ways of approach – which is unusual’ve got more chance of passing. Watch it at no kidding, it will accept without any reason, and in spite of her husband. In it there is no depth of emotion, everything is on an intellectual basis, so you have to tell her exactly what and how you want. For the last Especially this because he loves unusual poses.


Whatever Ribici said, it will take you. It is best to understand this, even without the need for explanation or apology. But so do not miss the soul and that is insulting. This is the person who must not be offended, much less harassed. He likes foreplay, nice atmosphere, and it takes a bit of imagination – but sometimes you have to be nice, but it’s right now!