What is the best diet for your zodiac sign-read what the stars say that the diet recommended for you!

If you are a fan of astrology, read what the stars say that the diet recommended for your zodiac sign.


Rams are known for being passionate and stubborn stu. Although diet may begin with great enthusiasm, they tend to get bored very quickly. The best diet for the rams will be exactly the one that allows them to eat spicy and varied cuisine.

Our proposal: Monitoring / Frequently weighing Atkins diet

The variety of foods in a diet tracking calories, as well as weekly meetings with people who are dieting (support groups either in real life or through various groups and forums on the Internet) will help rams to stay on the path to long-term weight loss. Weekly meetings with colleagues from the group for weight loss will give them at least a small sense of competition and thus encouraged to continue with the diet.

Atkins diet to a larger group of rams who like strong foods help you lose weight quickly, but in the long run – after all, the foundation of their child precisely: paying attention to the size of meals and regular measurement.


Bulls are known as stubborn and inactive and often spend a lot of time sitting. Also, another not-so-healthy habits to enjoy the taste of savory dishes.

Our suggestion: Paleo Diet

If you follow this diet, Bulls will have to give up carbs and grains. Paleo diet is ideal for those who want to enjoy a savory piece of meat, lots of vegetables and fruits and eat as much as they want without any restrictions and fasting. No counting calories on the Paleo diet, which is an added bonus for the Bulls who adhere to this diet.


Gemini love the interesting and new baby. The twins are not picky and tend lacquer coming kilograms and therefore they need a varied diet which does not eat the same foods every day.

Our suggestion: The Mediterranean diet, macrobiotic diet, Pritikin diet UN diet

This diet will allow Gemini to enjoy a variety of international dishes while on this diet. The Mediterranean diet is also a healthy diet and is inspired by the traditional cuisine of Italy, Greece, Morocco and Spain.

Macrobiotic diet twins gives a touch of the Orient Pritikin them solve most health problems related to their hypersensitive nerve.

UN diet is for twins who are not “strayed” and have a large surplus and still want to enjoy the daily changing dishes.


Crabs tend to eat on an emotional basis. They prefer succulent, plentiful with hot soups and tasty stews in the winter and light, refreshing salads years.

Our suggestion: Chrono diet

This diet will help to reinforce the crab character and at the same time not “pushed” too much of their emotional base. After all, why would complain: all foods are in the “game” the only timetable is a little different.


Lions are passionate and fiery and enjoy the food that is rich and delicious. They need a diet that in his menu there are a lot of different foods, but also to have a specific schedule that must be followed. When you decide something, nothing can stop them!

Our suggestion: Dukan diet

Dukan diet is originally from France and has existed for more than 10 years. In the first phase of implementation of the child, the focus is on pure proteins, below a child, as you progress, gradually add the other ingredients. Keep your end goal is – motivation and keep it in mind. Lions for the first few phases of this diet will not be difficult.


Device as naturalists and prefer “smart” approaches to nutrition. They are not lovers or complicated diets can easily become victims of child. Avoid this by choosing a long-term diet.

Our suggestion: A vegetarian diet

Vegetarianism is great for Device. Fresh and whole foods that are usually Requirement little time to prepare, will suit Virgo and long-term diet will help them to avoid the trap of becoming victims of child. There are many different ways a vegetarian diet and Device can choose one that includes eggs, dairy products and fish.


Scales prefer a life that is balanced and harmonious and are big foodies. Libra needs to diet that combines this in the best possible way, without being too strict.

Our suggestion: The glycemic index diet

The glycemic index diet (GI Diet) will allow the scales to enjoy the food on the basis of their ranking within the glycemic index. This diet will help Libra to maintain good blood sugar levels and avoid cravings for any kind of food that they can occur.


Scorpio love of food is not as strong as in the Taurus, but it’s very close. While they love the rich and diverse tastes, Scorpio has an “all or nothing” approach to food and exercise. Even Leo can not compete with Scorpio when will power is concerned.

Our suggestion: Liquid Diet

Liquid diet is just what you need scorpions. A diverse, rich taste with a lot of fresh ingredients will delight the stomach and the body of each scorpions. In addition, a clear plan will enable the scorpio does not have much to invent but to follow the guidelines.


Sagittarius has a free spirit and enjoy the exotic tastes. Asian flavors are perfect for the palate of Sagittarius, a similar style diet focused on plant spicy curry, fresh seafood, rice and vegetables will do wonders for the figure of Sagittarius.

Our suggestion: Asian diets

This diet includes simple meals with cooked vegetables, plenty of fish and seafood, and rice. Delicious sauces and spicy foods with curry will round out this eating plan.


Capricorns are focused, calm and love structure and routine. The best diet for them is one that will allow them to eat the foods they are used to and they will be persistent in order to maintain the results achieved.

Our proposal: Monitoring / Measurement of weight, diet UN

The system meets the needs of monitoring weight Jarčeva to control the amount of food and calories. They will not need a week socializing to stay focused on your diet, but in periods when slacken meetings of support to help them endure and persevere in compliance baby.

For very rigid goats who want to stick to a template – UN diet is ideal, because they really hold all three months of a child (including maintenance) and in most cases will not slack off.


When it comes to food, Aquarians are a kind of rebel. They prefer to build their own meal plan that enables them to express their individuality, but finding such a diet plan that will stick can be difficult.

Our suggestion: Counting calories

Counting calories is ideal for Aquarians because they themselves can find a combination of dishes that tastes just their palate and on the other hand know that they will lose weight. Since you have a certain amount of meticulous counting them will go with ease and no doubt you will have around the kitchen table with izlepljenje caloric values ​​of foods. What is for sure – it’s safe.


Fish are dreamy and imaginary characters. For them, food should be a relaxing experience. They need a diet plan that provides structure without too many restrictions.

Our suggestion: Asian diets, liquid diets, diet Kefir

Fortunately for Fish large number of diet will work, in their case! Each of these choices will provide the structure and at the same time and allow you to express your individual creativity. Pair one of these plans with exercises such as yoga or tai chi.