What is the motto of your characters? We all strive for basic human values, but each zodiac sign has certain which strives …..

We all strive for basic human values, but each zodiac sign has certain which seeks, while the other does not concern me.


Rams prices individuality, independence and the need to be who they are. No boss, no partner may not tell them what they should do or how to behave in certain situations. Rams are most dissatisfied if they are forced to fit into a standard. They want others to love the way they are and not to compromise. Hence their motto: Be!


The most important thing for them to keep what they have. Bulls are working hard at every job they accept. When you achieve something and realize, do not want no one to share. The most important thing to them is entitled to possession. Practical and the earthy character, and are therefore excellent workers. They are not greedy, because if you are struggling for their rights and fight for the rights of their colleagues, but once you realize something in the material sense, believe that they have full and exclusive right to it. His stuff is never give up, not because of any goals, but not for love. Their motto is: enjoy!


The most important to them is freedom of thought. A brilliant mind is their ticket to the world. In my mind I can go wherever they want, but the twins prefer to move at their own pace. Ideas have their magic. If somebody tells them how to think too much, it should be more convenient or wrong view on a thing horrible to be offended. Their motto is: Think!


Most importantly they enjoy in their feelings. Crabs are entertaining outside, but inside very gentle. Their feelings are a private matter and seldom will you admit what you feel, let alone talk about them. One of their favorites is when you can enjoy fulfilled their feelings. Their motto is: feel!


The most important is their ability to always show their best. Lions are the best, the bravest and strongest creatures on earth. However, they must have the ability to show others. They hate social rights and their very important that no one takes away their luxury. You always have to be the center of attention, and the hardest to fight when they banned a right to demonstrate. Their motto is: Wish!


Decision making them in the first place. Device analysts solar composition. They are able to grasp every detail, and they were very important to them, not to the right to make the final decision. They fight for freedom of opinion, but they are important to collect a lot of data, preferably from different sources. Their motto is: Analyze!


The most important thing to them is to please others and ourselves. The balance of ideas toward Libra ideal situation. Libra is necessary right to just one decide what is best. Never exaggerate. How to fight for yourself, fight for others. Every area of ​​life is equally important: jobs, careers and families. Their motto is to strike a balance!


The most important thing for them to get what they want and when. Scorpio zodiac sign are the most durable. They know exactly what they want and can withstand a lot of things to get it. They think they deserve just that if you just do not have it, can not be completely happy. Their motto is: get!


The most important thing is that they are investigating to see the whole picture. Shooters are usually spontaneous and do what they want. They were a very important game. They do not like serious themes, and in any situation try to bring humor. However, they are able to see further than others. Their motto is: look!


The most important to them is the appropriateness of everything that surrounds them. They have the power to seize and find a purpose in everything around him. The important thing is that they can not believe what in what they choose to believe. They are not always easy, but you never give up. Their motto is: Fix It!


The most important to them is freedom. They are original and pragmatic humanitarians. Often they know šokirju, but also inspiring. What they do not know or are not clear, very quickly learn and understand. They are fighting for all kinds of freedom, and no one ever condemned. Their motto is: Know!


The most important thing for them to pursue their dreams. Fish very price and demand freedom of thought and speech. Visionaries are very important to them to be able to follow what they believe. Take away their faith, and it is as if you have left a fish on dry land. Fish like to believe that we are all on the same page. Their motto is: trust!