What kind of dream wedding? Just relax, do not panic, all the scheduled time!


Aries dreaming of a fancy wedding in the municipality in the city center, with lots of guests and lots of flowers, and parents (and his and her) sitting in a place of honor at the table. Although she loves weddings, Aries loves freedom, so let him organize weddings, ordering bouquets, send invitations and make the list of guests. You give him the feeling that still calls the shots and won another court – double.


When Taurus decides to fit the “knot”, then the wedding must be lavishly from the municipality to the restaurant, with two times more food and drink than there are guests, at least two “music” that will rotate and a cake of five floors . Bride in her wedding dress with a tight body, long and white which looks like a mermaid, happily throwing the bouquet, her back to her friends that she envied the groom in a black suit with subtle stripes, because it seems a little dangerous.


Just relax, do not panic, everything is on time and scheduled in the municipality and in the church, yet he is the best man (in which the rings), answer the phone, because it is unavailable. After all, there’s time, it will send SMS, the wedding is not until noon, and then – the direction of the airport, because the newlyweds immediately after registration, prolong the “honeymoon” – Mediterranean cruise is a gift from the godparents. There will be an intimate celebration, two of them in an Italian restaurant, with candles, wine and violin gypsy style.


Married to the wedding in his native village or a restaurant on the coast some water, Cancer is planned months in advance. He does not want any surprises, but they want to know exactly seating guests, even that will get gifts from close relatives not to avoid duplication. The groom, in addition to rosemary in his lapel of expensive suits, has a godfather who watch to anyone, but especially him, a glass is empty.


The spacious restaurant with a garden, white chairs with gilded handles, green lawn decorated with potted flowers and white balloons and a large chair exotic flower arrangements, meat, pasta prepared in genuine Italian way and exquisite drinks. The bride wore a simple, discrete plunging dress decorated with Swarovski crystals and high-heeled shoes. Guests came from all sides, there are quite a few from abroad, and only presents …!


Virgo, while reserved and rational, dreamed of a romantic wedding in which to gather a joint venture composed of her and his relatives, friends and some selected colleagues. There’d be no wastage, but he would not miss the buffet full of delicacies, salads and roasts, red, white and rose wine and all kinds of cakes, while the newlyweds walked among the tables with the guests with glasses of champagne in their hands and cheered.


Libra dreams of a wedding on the exotic island in the Pacific Ocean, but then make her guests at the wedding were just local residents, but to Vagi but would not suit, because there is nobody knows. That’s why she chooses municipality, church, even the registrar who will come to the restaurant where they will perform the wedding, and then, together with the guests stay at the celebration. She wears a simple, plunging gown of satin silk and earrings that fit with its romantic hairstyle, while the groom “jumped” from a fashion magazine for men – so it looks like a charm and guests.


Only the best for Scorpio, but it also applies to marriage, choice of restaurants, guests of the church, because she likes to municipal wedding, though, such as red, repeat, and in the church, because there everything gets more romantic overtones. A large number of guests arriving at her wedding, and she is the sexiest young, even when wearing a veil and long robe buttoned to the throat. He is happy to be at your wedding can accommodate all he wanted, but even if someone crashes dropped, then he will tell others to whose wedding was.


Sagittarius wants a wedding in the garden of an old building or on the shore, on a sunny day, where guests sat in white chairs with gold rests a large oval table and sing the night away. On the table there are fish, venison, red wine and champagne, but no camera, no strong sound. The bride wore a wedding dress made of fine lace with an open back and neck diamond necklace, while the groom’s styling described as casually elegant.


Romantic wedding fantasy, music without a strong sound, so that everyone can mutually hear and talk without shouting match with the orchestra, with guests – good friends who were already occupied very good positions in society, this is what wants Capricorn, offish and cruel, but extremely sentimental. When the celebration is over, the newlyweds will prolong the honeymoon of the lake or the sea where they might meet and fall in love, while still having fun.


Aquarius will not fall so hard to utter the famous DA before a registrar, as he believes that in her life, nothing will change, because she so wishes. However, the wedding has to be glamorous, famous guests, successful and reputable, maximum trimmed, a bride and groom, of course – the most beautiful, especially in photos and on those pictures groom himself. Restaurant on voice, superb specialties, a wine when aged and Aquarius, and decided to marry.


She imagined a romantic wedding in a restaurant on a lake or a boat in the sea or river port, which is accessible all the flowers, and the interior is illuminated and decorated with bright lanterns and subdued lighting. Her wedding dress is very simple and very feminine, his clothes brighter colors, but the guest list, the newlyweds together trying to put together that no one is sitting with someone in whose society does not feel well.