What kind of music best fits your zodiac sign (ASTRO)


Aries inspiration and finds pleasure in classical music, the compositions of Richard Wagner and Mozart. Does one side of his leadership personalities, fulfill the “stronger” sounds, hits “Coldplay”, “Sex Pistols” and Ozzy Osbourne.


This earth sign loves pop and rock music, enjoy the tunes “Beatles” and “The Rolling Stones”. Being a great fan of TV, we listen to the music from the television series, as well as film music, especially that of science fiction and adventure films.


Gemini favorite music of earlier times, such as love songs of Frank Sinatra, Din Martin, Tom Jones and the group “Abba”. And enjoy the music of Michael Jackson, and the diversity of their musical taste is confirmed by the fact that love and music theater, especially one with Broadway.


Romantic Cancer loves gentle tones, songs Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson are ideal for him. Rado opts for music that would bring him back to the past and to awaken nostalgia in it, like the song “Beatles” and “The Partridge Femilija”.


Leo can all day to listen to “Pink Floyd” and “Black Sabbath”. It inspires passion of compositions by Richard Wagner, Ludwig van Beethoven and Rachmaninov. For the Lions is an important drama and music sparkle.


Virgo likes music that has a calming effect, so no wonder her choice “Enie” Antonio Vivaldi and Mozart. Her favorite is the sound of violins and flutes. Virgo will enjoy the music, and that before that he knows as much about it, but glad to study its history.


The character to which the planet Venus love selected composition Johann Strauss, Mendelson and Fans Franz Schubert. It satisfies the taste and the music of Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand. For her sentimentality is an excellent country music, while for Scales, lovers of modern sounds best selection of Nick Cave.


Scorpio is the closest to the work of composers of classical music by Erik Satie and Bela Bartok. Jazz Scorpio inflicts real musical experience, especially tracks Molly Johnson and Aretha Franklin.


Sagittarius is a fan of film music. Ask shooters whether they like music from the movies “Kill Bill” and “Born to Kill” and they will say that is love. To them are reserved and songs of Leonard Cohen and Johnny Mitchell.


Capricorn is a great admirer of jazz and opera. The list of his favorite singers are Bryan Ferry and Tom Waits. In addition to enjoying the songs that point to certain social problems and which bear other, not just messages of love.


Aquarius loves fusion of sounds, jazz, electronic and acoustic music. It is a great fan of David Bowie, as well as Maurice Ravel and “Elektrik Lite” orchestra.


Fish are strastevni listeners of Johann Sebastian Bach. Enjoy music from different cultures, and close them and medieval music. What I look for in music, and find the songs Judy Garland