What kind of relationship zodiac signs have to the phone? Read your horoscope and loved ones, and discover the mystery!

What is our relationship to the phone? What we think and how we react when the phone does not ring (a must!)? And why are you still not called? Read your horoscope and loved ones, and discover the mystery!


Relationship to phone: Regarding communications, Aries is always in a hurry. Do not expect him to astrology calls and messages, his way of communication is always short, precise and hurried. Long phone calls for it a waste of time.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: If Aries waiting a long time for your call, you will first be upset. Maybe you and I invite, ready for a fight, because you did not comply with his word and called it! However, if it was busy or a night out, it will not be too much to guess what you did not call.

Why do not you called Aries? Aries will not make a phone call for two reasons: annoyed and did not feel like talking, or is in some stage when he was boring any kind of communication. Do not make the mistake and ask him why you are not on the phone, because it will be perceived as pressure and restriction. In this case, do not expect to invite the next few days!


Relationship to phone: Taurus prefers to meet face to face. But when he is in love, and separated from his partner, he wants to know and hear everything! They’ll be looking to keep calling and “is reporting,” what were you doing, what you are not, who you were and so on.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: It is born of jealousy. Patiently waiting for the call. However, everything has its limits, however, and his patience, and when it reaches the end, will you seek and phone calls until you do not answer, and then will hold a series of jealous scene.

Why do not you called Taurus? Do not expect more of his call if you did not fulfill his wishes and did not respond to his calls, though you he kept calling for some reason.


Relationship to the phone: The phone is an extension of the hand for a Gemini. He loves communication and is able to spend hours talking to someone over the phone! You going crazy messages and calls, but be careful – it can create a problem in your relationship.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: The first thing to do is check your line to see if there is a signal and make sure there are no obstacles in communications. If it still does not call, he’ll think of something clever and witty, to you I approached.

Why do not you call the Twins? It’s simple – goes with friends and forgot to somewhere got chatting and your conversations started to become boring to him. Do not switch him or accuse him he did not call, as this will only aggravate the situation and bore him completely.


Relationship to phone Cancer likes to talk on the phone for hours with their loved ones, to make him feel good, but also to every hour and seconds know what they think, how they feel, how they and the like.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: It increases uncertainty. He thinks you stopped to grow feelings for him, looking for a reason, and recalls the read head all you can say to each other.

Why do not you called Cancer? When gripped by emotional instability, does not want to talk to anyone. Very rarely happens that they do not answer the phone, but when that happens, know that he is unable to speak with anyone.


Relationship to the phone certainly has the best Smartphone. He likes to paint the phone and to send you photos. Constantly calling you, to share with you everything he does, and while you dedicated a song or say something nice.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: He receives very to heart. It feels like the greatest rejection, until it is overcome by a grudge, so start calling you until you pick up the phone.

Why did you not call Leo? Representative of this sign will come up with a lot of tricks to attract your interest and attention, and to chase him even more. One of them is safe and that when it seems inaccessible and does not call you, just to see the reaction of your.


Relationship to the phone: She loves communication and contact, but it prefers live and direct, looking into his eyes and facial expressions noting her nice people. As for the interview over the phone, there is a very concise and short.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: try to find a justification for this situation, looking for the proper arguments why have not called yet. If, however, found no reason sateraće you up against the wall, looking for an explanation.

Why did you not call the Virgin? Probably not approve of your behavior or you have not treated her the way she wanted or expected. Another reason may be and some of its obligations, for which she forgot to give you the answer.


Relationship to phone: Libra belongs to the category of people who one moment can not be separated from the phone and stories, and totally forgot to call you. Or worse, forget that phone off!

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call depends on the period through which the current passes. If the society and well implemented, it will not even remember it. If she’s in love, and waiting for a call from a loved one, in solitude … slowly sinking into uncertainty.

Why do not you called Libra? He simply forgot. Do not immediately think the worst, it is likely that the scattered or forgotten in conversation with friends, but she did not flashed through my mind that we should call you!


Relationship to the phone: If you need to control or know the gossip, it will drive you crazy calls. Otherwise, not much of a fan of the phone.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: In her mind swarming dark thoughts. He thinks he’s lying to you will betray her trust, but what is certain, if she does not respond immediately to the call, is that it will start to follow you, to see what you do and who you are.

Why do not you called Scorpio? Wants to take revenge. She may not respond to calls. Maybe you missed something and she now wants to pay for it. In any case, do not expect anything good from it then.


Attitudes towards the phone does not like to talk too much on the phone and is very consistent in communicating. It may be that you are not prompted for days, but that does not mean that it is no longer interested in.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for a call: There’s no way that his phone does not ring several times a day! Care is always someone calls. If you are expecting your call, and you do not call, you know that it’s much bugging.

Why do not you called Sagittarius? You press it too much to your own requirements or (more likely) out with friends, a good time but did not have the will to phoning.


Relationship to the phone likes to talk by phone, but when there is good reason for this. I do not like his long, unnecessary phone calls, because time is money, and you should not waste it without sense and reason.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call I do not understand it myself and not worry him. He thinks there must be a strong reason why you have not called and leads to the fact that time will tell.

Why do not you called Capricorn? Probably soured for work or is on a business meeting or something else again about the job. Mainly keeps his words, so do not worry too much if you did not call.


Attitudes towards the phone does not like to maintain contact via the Internet or phone. But generally, it is communication needed every hour, every minute. So, do not expect to be completely consistent, as it will still be called.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: Aquarius is always unpredictable. One moment will upset demand an explanation for everything, and the other will be completely indifferent.

Why do not you called Aquarius? It is likely that he had found an activity or hobby that it is fully occupied. Perhaps he found himself with friends, got chatting and forgot the time. For it is a characteristic that often disappears without reason or explanation.


Relationship to the phone: When you are in love, they know how to spend all day in the story over the phone, sending messages, thus showing their love and how much they care.

What thinks and behaves while waiting for the call: They know that cry. They imagine things that do not correspond to the real situation.

Why do not you call the Fish? There are three main reasons why you do not call: 1) are forgotten, 2) feel injured or torn, 3) you are trying to avoid.