What kind of underwear like to zodiac signs? For sexy underwear is always room in the closet …

Whether you are buying a gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or some other occasion, for a sexy lingerie is always room in the closet.

But guess correctly one’s taste is not always easy, and may help the general guidelines provided by the horoscope.


Rams prefer lingerie in colors, especially orange and red. If you really want a man aroused Aries, put on combination of orange and black satin or silk. Vole and bebidol style, especially if combined room for pompoms. The Rams will easily fall and the black garters and stockings, and if they complete high heels, this is the right decision. Many Rams have a fetish for high heels, the more the better. Belt with mini chains and bracelets for ankles also im very sexy.


Bulls prefer everything is either very challenging or very childish. Pink and black are their favorite combinations. Women born under this sign love leather high heels, fishnet stockings and panties with a slit, and the appearance of schoolgirls. Since the members of this sign love to make love to a little more than ten minutes, and make sure to do that with you, except for sexy lingerie, you have enough lubricant. Male members sign attracted to women with tattoos and piercings. Some bulls are prone to bondage, cuffs, collars and similar SM games.


Twins usually have a rather perverse dose by itself, which includes a tendency raznoraznoj equipment for games in bed. How would normally like to play the role, so enjoy the sexy uniforms like nurses, schoolgirls, police … But you can see the twin woman and wearing an expensive kimono or leather leotard like Women-cats, especially because the price any exotic element in sexy costumes. Women born under the sign of Gemini special attention to the intrinsic makeup artificial eyelashes and fingernails and sexy will experience the rustle of taffeta.


Women born under the sign of Cancer like long, translucent nightgown, covered with sequins binding. Favorite color underwear they usually green and red, a look of love and how satin shimmers like water in the sun. Crabs also prefer white white leggings, and appealing to them and long nails painted in the colors of pearls. Many women born under the sign of Cancer infantile love to dress like a girl, a look complemented ponytail. Both men and women actually prefer the sound of tearing cloth or disconnecting the buttons or anything like that produces a person while off.


Lionesses prefer underwear with animal pattern. They are sensual and sensual beings who also love and feel a little fur on their skin. Each suit contains a kind of tail or ears, they will be attractive and sexy. The way things feel in your body is very important to this sign does not therefore not surprising that likes silk, satin and velvet. Leo knows how to be playful and will enjoy a bruise on her underwear or narrow lace ‘vintage’ look that somehow parodies the fashion of the fifties and sixties.


A woman born in the sign of Virgo is quite modest and prefers practical underwear, like a long cotton nightgown. However, if you are ready for some hot action will choose corsets and compress them as much as you can at the waist and feel sexy and in stockings and in my underwear decorated with hooks and buttons. Many Device fallen on schoolgirl uniforms, a white shirt and underwear will always be their first choice in bed. Comfort and utility they will always be paramount when choosing a service, so it is not surprising to know that opt ​​for shorts with a slit in the middle.


Libra government goddess Venus and women will always choose the more outrageous and sexy lingerie that finding. Pink, yellow and blue are popular colors this sexy sign, or like to wear lingerie and gold and platforms, fishnet stockings, garter belts, panties with a slit and transparent underwear. Women born under this sign will always opt for anything that in itself has a knitted fabric or lace. Leather shorts and corsets in crazy colors are also a trademark Scales.


Scorpions are very sexy by nature and like leather and plastics. Favorite colors their scarlet and black. They have some similar characteristics in itself but they, for example, long gloves with a lot of buttons very sexy. Often fall on fetish gear, such as dog collar, Japanese reconciliation binding and chains of various kinds, but they also like tight-high boots with the highest possible heels. Also in the closet will have boots or shoes with najšiljastijim summit that they found. Many women born under this sign will wear wigs, fake lashes and striking shadows to highlight your look.


Women Shooters like to play roles and I really enjoy dress costumes. Adore corset sensuality and sex appeal that provide long gloves, boots and underwear with a lot of patent opener for easy downloading. They love plush fabrics such as velvet and clothes that have a lot of attachment and bow. A woman born under this sign prefer to wear underwear to bed with animal print, as well as real fur. Purple, red and green are their favorite colors.


Capricorn is very sensitive character and considers that cotton is very sensual and sexy. High quality nightgown with many tie is very hot this sign, even if it’s buttoned up to the neck. Uzbudiće them and garments under the Indian and Asian influence with a lot of glitter. Many women born under this sign like to wear lifts, fishnet stockings and a thong. Vole and satin bras and panties in their favorite colors – pink, blue or yellow.


This visionary character loves extremely tight underwear, preferably bright and futuristic materials, such as plastics, polyester and Lycra, a sexy and their zippers and rubber. Bright red and dark purple are their favorite colors and feathers, masks, silk scarves and strips their favorite accessories. Very excited them Victorian leather boots, fingerless gloves feminine and sexy looks to complement Aquarians prefer detached nylon stockings.


Fish are not as vivid and wild sex, but very fond of beautiful cotton nightgown with a decent rod for pink or blue, and nightgowns Lycra with floral pattern. They love high heels, especially if they are transparent in places, made of satin or have pompoms. Pisces will love the woman who wears men’s underwear and oversized men’s shirt to sleep. Excites them and look of a schoolgirl, but I can not resist the sexy garters and nylons Complete with a tie or bow tie.