What sex positions correspond to your sign? Aries likes cowgirl, STRELAC against the wall …

Each astrological sign has its own distinctive features and characteristics.

So if you believe in astrology – there are some common things that members of certain characters like.

For a complete pleasure to discover that you pose in sex is best suited to the Zodiac. Can not hurt to try and see whether it is this will become your favorite!

Ovnica are passionate warriors who like to obey men, but also wants a worthy opponent. Cowgirls – poses in which a man lying on his back, a partner in it, is a great start of sexual pleasure for the woman. Then pull the brake so he let the bed bound and surrender his every touch.

Sensual and sensitive members horoscope sign Taurus enjoy a long, intense oral foreplay and massages the whole body. With partner enjoy the heated lust exploring each other’s body from head to toe, fingers and tongue. Given the fact that the Taurus sensuality important, they are perfect or missionary pose buckets in which the woman lies on her back and the man on it.

A sign with a thousand faces is very playful in bed and are really dirty games through playing different roles. Equally you will enjoy acting vicious schoolgirl to be punished by blows on the buttocks and then take the back tilted over the table, but also to be in the role of a strict teacher who should educate their unruly partners.

Soft and romantic Račice often are among the boldest and most perverse among the zodiac signs. Therefore often can not abstain but went into action already dead. Do not be satisfied with any of the standing posture. Partner shall lift you up against the wall, and you Brace the hands and feet. And do not be ashamed, but as pliers leave the sign on his skin.

Great Lioness kitty wants to fight with his sexual prey, so she needs a man who really has a sense of adventure. These dominant women will enjoy the positive reverse cowgirl because it will be so dominant and lead the game, and the additional satisfaction you can use a small vibrator.

Modest and meticulous Virgo likes simple, yet sensual sex with a lot of clitoral stimulation. Try something different missionary position: Lie on your side of the bed with your feet, your partner enters diagonally. You ever experience the maximum clitoral pleasure.

Fair and balanced Libra seeks equality in relationships and sex. You love to just give and receive. What’s the most famous pose from 69 – in which two equally connected, this is the pose in which everybody wins! And that would be totally fair – he spent lying on her hips.

Mysterious and full of sex appeal, Scorpio is needed durable man who shared her sexual mantra: absolutely everything is allowed! Whether it comes to bindings and binding, you’ll try everything at least once. Try pose from behind, which is perfect for an explosive orgasm.

If there was some sort of astrological survey Scorers would probably be at the top of the characters to have sex in a public place. So the next time you find yourself in a public place with a partner, together you go to the toilet and let it take you passionately against the wall or in the sink.

Stubborn and loyal, members of zodiac sign of Capricorn can be quite insatiable when it comes to sex. Therefore, it poses where both partners sit, partner up, with legs intertwined perfect for you. This posture get emotional connection that you want, and physical ecstasy for which you long.

Unconventional and unpredictable women in Aquarius attracted to extremes. Therefore, try a little dog stalls, or go a step further. Do it when both of you are standing, you lean forward and lean your hands or on the ground or on the table / chair / chair – and simply enjoy the wild ride!

Romantic and mystical Pisces woman enjoys it more intimate connection with your partner – you are definitely zodiac sign who enjoys making love more than in ordinary sex. Poza bucket is an intimate, slow, and allows touching the whole body – it will only make you even closer together with a partner.