What the stars say how to fine-tune for special occasions-Let the stars be the guideline when tweaking ….

Women are never sure what to wear and how to make-up for special occasions. Let the stars be the guideline when tweaking ….

Aries – emphasize the eyes and usnePod influence you fire Mars, planet of passion and eroticism, so you radiate sex appeal. Choose strong makeup, emphasize your eyes or lips red lipstick. Hair is a priority, long or short, you are a nice blue and reddish tones.

Taurus – emphasis on kosiVaš ruler Venus, symbol of beauty, gave you beautiful hair and expressive eyes. They fit you lipstick the color of the skin and pale pink, and brown shade of hair that “pulls” the reddish. Cleavage is one of your main trump card, highlight it.

Gemini – beautiful noktiIzgledate youthful and fresh, it is responsible for your ruler Mercury. Often experimenting with hair, makeup and clothes, and always dedicate special attention to your nails. In a very festive occasions lubricate them with silver paint.

Cancer – feminine femininity detaljiOdišete, attract the attention of beautiful hair and breasts. As Moon’s child, always listen to your intuition and unmistakably choose what suits you best stands, from makeup to wardrobe. Particularly important details, shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, and hairstyle that is always perfect.

Lav – rakošan sjajŽena ​​lioness is always in the spotlight, shines on you all, and especially on special occasions. Nobody minds so nice to wear clothes with sequins, lots of shiny jewelry and strong makeup, a lush and usually wavy hair is your trademark. Makeup emphasize the lips and eyes, eyelash extension will complete your beauty.

Virgo – natural lepotaDelujete sophisticated and elegant anything to wear. A healthy, nourished hair and discreet makeup you are perfect, you seem youthful for your ruler Mercury. The most beautiful colors you can choose country and peaches that highlight the innate charm. For the new year, decorate your nails, do the “french” manicure or grease polish bright colors.

Libra – style icon of beauty Planet Venus gave the women in this unusual sign of beauty and style. Allies are your high heels, feminine clothing emphasizes curves, beautiful and mostly long hair. Great color on you chocolate and brighter highlights. Makeup is discreet, but very effective, a shiny gloss on the lips emphasize your disarming smile.

Scorpio – fatal pogledVi you born seductress governed by the planet eroticism and power. Sex appeal emphasize breakneck high heels and clothes in dark shades. Your view below the long, thick eyelashes eyeliner emphasize, seductive look with the “wild” hair when the hair into an elegant bun pick.

Sagittarius – highlight nogeVi you are the athletic type and the body, especially the legs, you should always be in the foreground. Understand that Skippy for five minutes, a ruler under the influence of Jupiter, you look as if you spent hours in front of a mirror. You love sporty elegance and emphasize stronger eye makeup, you wonderful stands.

Capricorn – classical influence elegancijaPod ruler Saturn, love classic outfits and feminine hairstyle. Always choose “proven” models that you are perfect, but in special circumstances you know how to dazzle all around sexy dress in blue, red and purple.

Aquarius – swaying and originalnoUran the planet trends, rebellion and originality. Choosing clothes emphasize your trumps all. You love good shoes, especially boots, and his hair is always tidy, fresh and stylish isfenirana only your way.

Fish – seductive from head to stopalaObavijeni seductive veil of Neptune, have a youthful beauty to old age. Skillfully emphasize their aces, eyes, hair, legs and chest. Each outfit topping good and effective piece of jewelry, your hands still adorned with rings and attractive nail polish.