What they do not forget zodiac signs … Read what the stars say about it …..

Read what the stars say about which it warns that zodiac signs can not forget, and we would like …


He easily forgotten childhood trauma or humiliation suffered by those he loved and who blindly believed, and they are just betrayed him or let him get through life struggling and struggling all alone. Someone who has had a trust (parents or a close relative), easily slipped it into “life ring”. Although Aries managed to wound independent and fight for his place under the sun, a scar on his soul slow to heal.


Even if he wanted to, he could not forget the arrogance and insolence colleague who had no understanding, no respect for him when he is most deserved, primarily because of their knowledge, work and perseverance. Since the love for Taurus as important as career, it is difficult to reconcile that, due to force majeure, romance abroad with someone with whom he was in love, she could not be achieved, a Taurus hoped to travel together.


One of the most intelligent representatives of the zodiac rain is always and everywhere, but the Twins because at first glance seem as if anything could not have hurt so much to any unpleasant situations want to forget. However, they also have their weak points – creativity (game, music, song, painting), which, if not implemented as they dreamed, it can always be only their unfulfilled desires. And it is hard to forget.


Romantic Rak would like to forget that moment, the situation or the day when he was very young, enthusiastic, and when he first experienced a love disappointment. Will be accompanied by the feeling through life, and he will try to leave him to oblivion and will be difficult. Zaapravo, every day more and more difficult because Rak remembers tenderness and dreams in which he floated, and then everything collapsed. When the bar could learn why everything had to be so, but not the way he wanted.


If Leo can forget the defeat in his favorite sport (eg. Tennis), the easier it would be, but the memories do not give him peace. If he could not become a general in the military or be a team leader in an important state institution (politics, science), the born fighter, can not be satisfied. It’s hard to forget the failure or the possibility that something could be the first to be the one to organize the work and solve the problem of public interest.


Even if he wants, Virgo can not forget her first love, and her whole life, the mind returns recalling that unforgettable feeling. She would have probably easier, if unable to resolve the emotional “ballast” that occasionally pressure, because thinking about what could have been but was not. Or what if the person you loved, now past her. Although practical and rational, Virgo not forget the first meeting is not the first kiss.


Libra does not forget injustice or humiliation that is experienced in the workplace, and when it is likely to be very successful, perhaps in their professional zenith or at least it seemed that way. And when this is over, but she kept going, because Libra is the eternal fighter, especially against injustice, the bitter taste of defeat that is experienced, always will remind that not everything is always as it seems, even as people are not as explicit as she experienced .


Scorpio does not forget a single moment when it was publicly exposed to any kind of criticism and injustice, for which she felt very uncomfortable in a larger society, whether it’s business or personal life. He does not like anyone to jeopardize its ideals, goals, plans that he wanted to accomplish, and then find someone who dared to question its high standards and a system of life values. Although she wanted to forget, Scorpio remembers everything.


For once in your life, Sagittarius happened that he was naive, because I made the wrong business move or raised an adverse credit to him after backfired. Sometimes want to forget how it all happened, and sometimes just the memory of all the inconvenience which was then passed, a warning that you should always be careful and do not trust anyone. Because when one snake bites, and lizards are afraid.


Do not forget someone you loved, and that he decided to instead stay with him, try their luck somewhere far away in another city or another country. Therefore Aquarius nurtures lifelong memories of the person he loved, he recalls everything that could have been but was not, run occasionally in their own world of imagination and memories, would not it have been easier. Viewing romantic movies, wants to write a romance novel or just read the memories in my head.


Aquarius does not forget humiliation at the professional level, even when it works so casually that you would think that something like that never touched, let alone hit. Yet this is only a mask or subconsciously suppress what is Aquarius hurt. Although the vengeful, primarily because of injured vanity, I would be able to forget something as ugly as a betrayal, mistrust and humiliation by those who believed.


She wanted to shine in public, at some stage or the big screen, perhaps the political scene, but it did not happen. Fish therefore can not forget it or a missed opportunity that appeared to her, but at that moment she did not know to recognize the difference between their imagination and reality. Then melancholic fish realized it was withdrawing into his own world, far less painful than facing the reality that continues to fulfill her dreams.