What to expect at the full moon in Libra – how to love in a different way?

The month is always the emotion and the need for security, our subconscious, past karma. Moon in Libra expresses his emotions through unity, order, objectivity, empathy. Emotional connections are coming to the fore, especially our relationship with other people. Do you love them, whether they like us, whether we accept because we?

On a personal level, the review also apply to self-love and how we are able to have understanding for their mistakes. Libra works best when its environment gives enough time to adjust to objectively assess the situation and timely assessment of the consequences. As a sign that is objective and socially oriented, people who have planets in Libra fits the role of mediator and broker because work best when they see all sides of the communication process.

Moon in Libra gives us therefore the need to postpone things, assess what we have and what we have and how much we are willing to žrvtujemo for a higher purpose. Moon in Libra does not like conflict, considers it very disturbing and unproductive, especially as the conflict could mean disruption of balance, and that’s what this character does not like. With planets in Libra, things are always kind of swept under the carpet, not because these people are not aware of the problem, but because they are waiting for a better time or another to deal with the resolution of the situation.

Perhaps the delay in conflict least painful way to diplomatically skirted the person’s responsibility. All this means that it is important for us to preserve peace, its partnerships and relationships with family and friends, somewhat in fear of losing the security and peace that we need. With the situation becoming more sensitive to the needs of others, we see rapid social relations, trying to socially desirable responding to them, and in order to appeal to, maintain a positive opinion about themselves and other people important to us. The internal drama will lead almost two and a half days, till the moon be paid in Libra.

After the sign of Libra, the moon will enter the sign of Scorpio, where all the love and sacrifice for others become excruciating, something like self-destruction. In this position, the moon is expected to be returned in kind, at least in proportion to what he gave as much as he was in Libra. Idealism and harmony Scales crashes on suspicion of Scorpio who see life as a constant research and struggle with themselves and others. While the Moon in Libra pure emotion to others and the world, the Moon in Scorpio’s emotions to himself.

With the Moon in Libra is not afraid to express vulnerability; there were tears beautifully packaged, visible and acceptable to the extent that is necessary to resolve conflicts. The month will therefore be the next two and a half days in Libra, and then in the sign of Scorpio. And for all that time, Venus is still retrograde, which only emphasizes the importance of romantic relationships in our lives. Moon in Libra is in opposition with the Sun in Aries. This aspect relates to the emotional dependence opposite emotional independence, as opposed to the need for relationship individuality as well as the need to work against the need for competition.

In emotional relationships, this opposition of the Sun and the Moon is a problem of expectations and expressing emotions. On the one hand we have the Libra which is communion than necessary, and on the other side of Aries, which can act independently. We need to show that we are confident, courageous and determined, and the emotional state of disarray. In business relations we want to leave a good impression, but we are afraid to act independently and to take responsibility for their actions.

Moon says conjunction with retrograde Jupiter, which expands and exaggerates exaggerates what is perceived month. Month goes to sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, which is also retrograde, but still representative of the organization, order and discipline, which is the moon in Libra necessary to finally establish priorities in relation to other people.


Rams perceive these aspects in common, and married life, especially if they are far more focused on themselves and should be a partner, there is a possibility that the partners neglected and dedicated to their duties. With the opposition of the Sun and Moon should learn to recognize his mistake and less neglected by their partners and family. One of the family members can influence business decisions or advice mixed in emotional relationships. It is necessary to preserve sobriety, limit the momentum and managed were your reactions in relationships with others. Sometimes the best response is not to react at all.


Bulls opposition this experience through work and possible conflicts in our daily environment. It is necessary to maintain diplomatic relations as much as possible, otherwise it can enter into conflict with colleagues, and what might motivate them to say some things that should not be, and create himself enemies and competitors. Bulls these days reckless and tactless.


Gemini opposition sun and moon experience in the fields of friendship and love, you might be in a position to choose between one or the other, especially if one of the friends feel neglected. The twins also have a challenge to express their ideas in a creative way, rather, have many ideas, but are unable to opt for one of them. When Gemini Government chaos and disorganization.


When crabs are possible conflicts in the family and at work, with the bosses. If you occupy a high position possible to be criticized for not spending more time with his family. Also, crabs should pay attention to their behavior in public, because they can be very dramatic and explosive, especially at work, giving the impression of someone who does not know how to work under pressure. It is essential for them to maintain harmony at home, but also the reputation of the business. Crabs are hesitant these days.


When the Lions this opposition manifested by communication problems. They can clearly and effectively to express their thoughts, exaggerated in detail and can be indecisive in his appearance. They have very high ideals that are not realized on daily basis making them frustrating. One story the other live.


Device opposition of the Sun and Moon can experience in the financial plan, especially if you owe money or have problems with the banks. This period is good for shopping, if you are already in debt. It is possible to get the money later than planned. Device these days have a problem with confidence and opinion of others about them. They need to appeal to their tastes and attention of business partners, but internally they feel best.


Scales are these days at the intersection of connections and relationships. If you are having problems in a relationship, it is possible to delay his decision. A little passive-aggressive behavior, attempt to resolve the conflict without participating in it. It may be that deliberately avoided open conflict, because now they can not bear the heavy emotions. Indecision, defiance, denial, avoidance is something that these days Scales exhibit, which in no way is not effective for the relations with others.


Scorpio can not stand with both feet on the ground, making them particularly confusing. For business leaders and innovators, very creative, but with ourselves empty, unfulfilled and a bit confused. Especially if they are for a long time in love with someone. They are not sure what they want from you, or what they want from a partner, and flee to work or exaggerated pedantry. They may have headaches that are short and intense. Interesting material.


Shooters these days turn to sport, going out, having fun. It is essential for them to maintain their fiery impulse through spending time in nature, movement and competition. Openly show their wishes and needs, have good ideas and the best feeling when you are able to help. These days, they need to return to the past, to remind some events and revive them again.


Capricorn opposition of the Sun and the Moon feel the lack of ambition in doubt, doubt in their own abilities. They have a good plan, but lack action, as if all the power consumed in the planning, and when to come to concrete actions, ambiguous in relation to associates, agents, circumstances. In particular moments of reaction become indecisive, prone preisptivanju and burdened. What matters to them is to leave a good impression on associates.


Aquarius recently reviewed its decision in relation to the people around him. Are possible disappointments in relationships with friends or partners. They need to do something new and creative in their immediate environment. Whether it relates to changing the furniture or buying something new. They need to write or share their thoughts with someone. These days demolish their ideals and leave behind their beliefs that no longer serve. If you react emotionally and themselves will be aware that this is not the same emotion.


Fish opposition to the Sun and Moon are experiencing the need to start something new, they need to work more on yourself and your self-confidence. It is possible to be under stress, or emotional decision expectant partners and that they will be forced to see that nothing had been more important than themselves. Also, one of the ways to solve the tensions as shopping, rash and impulsive. These activities are not recommended, especially if it’s someone else’s money at stake. These days, Fish behave completely independently from partners, excluding it in every respect.