What your blood type says about you and your emotions? Check yourself!

Have you ever wondered how much blood type has nothing to do with your character and needs? Based on the analysis of some coincidences, here’s what we found.

The wife of a zero blood group of her man expecting happiness, pleasure and tenderness. She felt a strong desire for marriage, which stems from the need to be confirmed through marriage and family. As a wife, ruling from the background and often participate in building a career of her husband. As a mother of children placed chummy and personal ambition realized through the wife and children.

Men zero blood group are very interested in women, are active in this regard and that is why women quickly notice. The disadvantages of these men is that they can be unreliable because their things easily bored. Married are attached to the family, or within it again to the fore may come their headstrong nature, which opposes giving up the monotony of everyday life.

Women and men are blood group A democratic relationships, respected partners and its quality. However, due to the emotional and sensitive nature, the discovery of his feelings only when they are absolutely sure will not be harmed.

A woman of blood group A is a good mother who supports her children, but also a lot of requests from them.

Men often blood group A “at first” not so popular female sex, women discover their value only in long relationships. However, most of the quality of these men is that they are totally committed to be famous. When they contract, it transfers the focus of your life. They support and love to point out the quality and ability of his wife.

Women of blood group B in love expect constant attention of his chosen. In intimate relationships seem a bit demanding and untouchable, and therefore more reluctant to marry. Otherwise they are very dedicated to family.

Men of blood group B women respected in a specific way. The one you choose will bring everything at his feet, like a queen. However, the nature masked by a man of blood group B is expressed in the emotional relationship. They tend to melancholy when you have the right partner, it is easier to dream than to come to grips with his own nature.

Blood type AB

Women of blood group AB males adore adventurous. However, to enjoy the love, just as long as they allow them to remain mystical. As mothers are flexible children are mild and are not demanding. Are a measure of how successful they can be friends to their descendants.

When it comes to men, the specialty of blood group AB is courting. The great deceivers, or flirt subtly, through openness, commitment to women. How long will this man to reconcile the two sides of his nature, mainly depends on the partner. For example, if the his chosen blood group B, it will behave as a typical member of the group A, and vice versa.