WHEN DEATH COMES AFTER YOUR! These are the last words of each zodiac sign while you still have life in them mrva

When we are born, no one knows what our life will be, or at least its end certain – there will be the creature in black with her hair in her hands and take us with you. And what if at the time each of us to be in your head?


So where did it happen now, can we postpone this bar for half an hour just to pop over to finish something? Can not? Ok then, I hope to go where everything is full of action, crk’o would not have to just sit and stare at the meadow with flowers until the end of time.


Excuse me, Mrs. Death, what is the team where are you taking me, are you friendly? Pu, pu, God forbid that some sucks but me an eternity passed in silence.


There really is something after death I would return anyway here and tell everyone that they have no idea that there is no divine light, no meadows, no flowers, no birds singing, nothing, nothing tripping! So what if I had lived?


I’m not sorry that I leave this world because I will finally be reunited with those we love, and that made me infinitely patio when I left too early. My heart is bursting with joy that I will again be able to hug!


Ah, the poor holy, I’m sorry you because you’re out of such a fantastic person. So many women remained unconscious, non-trafficked so many cars, so many houses nepokupovano … Tell everyone what it was that Leo never forget my character and work!


Zar of all days, just today the death of me knocking on the door?!? Yeah I’m not going to die I would die of embarrassment because I was loose rubber band on his shorts, socks sticking out of chips. Ju, ju, such a lady all my life I was a go when the biggest trollop!


Would it be better if I could have a little more to live and is now an ideal time to go to the scene? Will I offend anybody or they will all be just care what me no more? Oh, if only I could see what they were doing when I’m not there yet or not … more


Where are you, death, and I was waiting for you! Come on, take me with you to be able to as the Holy Spirit to everyone who has ever objected. Crazy fun is expected, as a ghost no one will be able to break me but they’re poor, they do not know what awaits them.


Ok, you should not hard, so let’s go as soon as possible. I suppose that on the other hand, interesting bar as it was here, there will at least be able to flirt to your heart and that nobody bothering me what to do and when you’ll be home.


All my life I lived when a righteous man, I prekršavao commandments of God unless I really had to, I probably will not because of these tiny failure to barbecue me in hell? But that will suffer if you rotate handsome devil …


Do not grieve for me because we will meet again, this is not a final goodbye. We may be elsewhere and have other faces and names, but the soul will certainly recognize us.


I knew that once this day would come, death, or they say that there are many beautiful death, these angels comb the hair and make real braids, in death, there is no reason to be afraid of death, aliiiiii zaaaaaštooooo, buhuhu, why now?