WHEN SIGNS quarrel: From tantrums Aries run headlong, Capricorn does not provide a second chance

When the argument is concerned, every zodiac sign has its own way to express discontent. Some will cry, pout and pretend play, while others will be calm and “level”.

Read that this why you wanted to, and do not enter into the discussion.

As a representative of the fire signs, Aries hasvery short fuse. It is able to be angry because of the smallest details, and any perceived insult kaonapad at your own ego. Ruler Mars makes an impatient and aggressive, but as soon angry, even faster and forgive. His tantrums are turbulent. Aries red, angry, yelling, but the next moment he forgets everything and turning the lamb. He is definitely the worst of all zodiac signs when they are angry!

Taurus is an earth sign and this makes it very patient. One would think that in a state that suffers while MUÑEKA jumping on the head, but it is not so. The truth is that no one has such nerves as there are a Taurus, but when one gets upset, is not at all pleasant to be around him. When his fuse burns out to the end, it turns into something like a volcanic eruption. Therefore, everyone advised not to exceed the threshold of his patience, and if they do, how to run them hell.

As an air sign, Gemini is extremely intelligent and hyperactive. No fits of rage and panic, but if annoyed, uzvratiće opponent by choosing the right words in order to outwit him, but will first assess the situation to make sure that the feud will not harm his interests. Not for long, because the water logic and reason and not real problems where they could have used. His nervousness cures listening to loud music.

Cancer does not consume your nerves on the other and nothing can trigger panic in him. He worries and thinks why upset and what was causing it, but rarely has outbursts. Collects anger in itself, a lens is going to the cafe and gym. Never respond at first, but will take advantage of every opportunity to opponents complained about what he’s all about him had to propane. Such retention anger at Cancer can cause a variety of psychosomatic problems.

Like other fire signs, Leos are explosive, but not to the same extent as the Aries. They are very irritable, but after a while they forget and go over it. Leo reacts immediately and kills all argumentima.Budući that is equitable, means that up if he sees that he was wrong, but given that essentially does not like hearing, egocentric is timely to expel their will and it will be all his own way.

Virgo is considered the most serene sign of the Zodiac. Maximum control and is aware of his every word and deed, and as such rarely speaks badly or curses. Keeps emotions, has good manners and is too “cultural” to openly showed their dissatisfaction and unhappy always. It calms nerves by reading a book and listening to music at home or in the pub, but for harboring anger with age becomes depressed. If it considers that it is wrong or out of line, they’ll apologize.

Libra tries not to sub, or at least to better disguise. Affect the kinds of little things (eg. When you look at the breadth), and when he realizes that sulked for hours for no reason, begin to cuddle and watch around you to appease you. Maximum her anger is not turned away and left her because of her diplomatic trait of character is not allowed to enter the fight.

Scorpio does not take much to get angry. First, begin to provoke and it is always ready and the low blows. Then follows a torrent of profanity, insults and sometimes is able to physically lunged at him who provoked her anger. To make matters worse, it was not going to be enough, because it needs to meet its own vindictive instinct, but after this scenarijakovati plan to take revenge. She patiently lurking in the corners and looking for the right moment for his poisonous vengeance.

Sagittarius most nerve-racking the people around you because usually says what he thinks and when nobody asks. When annoyed completely unpredictable; what is certain is that once you take a stance does not change it, but it is also possible that blasted all that I thought no desire to quarrel or to tap their all around with anger – cursing, yelling and breaking objects around the house.

Capricorn disciplined and organized to maximize control and tries to make you mad. But if in the end it does not work that is capable of making noise and shouting and not soothe days. However, due to good relations with okolinomspreman has to make concessions, although an urge to always having his way. He can be very unpleasant if they feel threatened and going from one extreme to another – when you once written off, know that it’s forever and no second chances.

It is easy to get angry, but quickly and forget. Angry when she feels that she wins a free or a suspicion of it. Because he thinks he knows all the best, likes others to “salt” sense and tells them that no one can control his personality. Hiding from others when injured, and then it becomes dangerous – ready for aggression and retaliation.

Pisces is hypersensitive, it accepts himself and therefore is often overtime. Constantly changing mood and does not know what he wants, or knows what he wants. When someone tries to help her in any decision is also something that can irritate. Fish generally retain their anger to themselves, which is bad for her because it was later leads to depression and sadness. And when an argument is not malicious, and if they apologize, it will not forget.