When will I happen to love? Astrology monitors your life steps!

There is a spring. In the wake us emotions, we wake up from hibernation, as we follow the rhythm of our planet Earth. In winter, everything is at a standstill, the nature of sleep, stripped-down nature of the sun without waiting for the moment when they will all wake up. So are we. Spring is the strongest time of year, most feel it all because it is a big shift in the nature and in us. From clam melancholy and lethargy both physical and mental and emotional part of us, we are entering a euphoric state of happiness and love, because everything around us is growing, flourishing, thriving, awakens. Emotions are the strongest in this part of the year, often in the spring there is a new awakening and love. Do not depend only on whether the spring will be happy or not your falling in love and that you will love this spring. Venus, planet of love still make some aspect of someone with your personal planets, including Mars, the moon and the sun, but these aspects in the sky just follow your inner development. When we really fall in love, really?

In astrology, it is important to keep track of our inner circles, ie. charts that follow our inner development. Nothing comes from outside, ie. from the objective world, astrology teaches us. Always comes from within, nature follows our development, and then, when they get the green light from there, sending someone from the outside, which can then be monitored via current planetary transit or item in the sky. Our internal development is far deeper and more important than the current positions of the planets, because sometimes it happens that we have a perfect aspects in the sky who support us to meet and fall in love, fun and enjoyment, but we are unhappy, lonely and we can not get together with this picture which offers us the sky. Our internal development depends on our opportunities for growth and development of your consciousness. How quickly someone overcome a difficult situation depends on himself, and if he sought help, worked on its difficulty, changed its attitude, its a characteristic or belief that he is not in favor or the radio on your forms that is inherited and which the hair with his personal fate or intentions, much faster to get to the awakening of their challenges and the faster it will overcome them. It will become osvešćeniji. The natal chart reveals our patterns that we adopted at birth, the situation that we have entered the difficulties during childhood, perhaps we are at the very birth get serious karma, but if we natal chart indicate, and thus pointing to or bringing attention to this situation, we already know with which needs to be worn in order to approach a specific problem.

When the inner world, but also call our inner growth happens change and often this change is shown relocate or sign some important planets in this horoscope, there is a change in viewing angle of the situation, there is a transfer of energy focuses on one environmental topic to another and changes occur on an objective basis. A common comment these changes internally is this: Every day, here two years ago, I walk by this shop where I work, but that’s just today I came here and met the seller with whom I immediately fell in love … or … work so long with him, but today I realized how attracted to me and today they woke up emotions between us. Yes, with her emotions were awakened, and with it perhaps a long time ago? This leads to his explanations that the other party takes or accepts us and our emotions at the moment when we are ready, when our internal development come to another point. On the domestic level, every two and a half years there is a change of energy and focus of our interest. It is important to know how the internal growth going, when there is a change of focus, when and how we become willing to change, to let someone into our lives.
It is very important to know yourself and to follow its development. It is very important that we know how to be alone and enjoy it. Sometimes it takes two and a half years to be alone, to follow up that energy if we our inner horoscope required to make in our lives after that could let a person that will be valuable to us. It is important to comply with them (for example, often hear girls say I’m always in anticipation of who might be judged or that my constantly look around to see someone who’s interesting ..). Look at yourself and you deal with them, then there will be other people because your focus is on yourself to attract someone to take interest in you.

Into our lives always people who are in similar situations and internal development as we do. Sometimes this deviation varies, maybe one of them has already passed a similar istuaciju, but it came to be as a support or to push the growth of the other, but together they have a chance to grow individually. Another person we need to have a relationship with her, not that she is doing something for us. The relationship between two people is born from a single internal growth of two people. If you think you fall in love, so that it will last forever, I think the feeling of love, as we all know it will not. The relationship or connection between the two is actually a mid-tasa scales. The relationship must be balanced, which means that two people following each other in the inner development. The relationship is constantly changing as we change, our internal knowledge, internal growth, but also realizes the body and its needs. Because what is happening outside, or when I say lifestyle, what anybody says or what he once did, comes from our inner beings work. If there is a conflict, which mainly comes immediately after the phase of falling in love, and when people realize what they got as a task or lesson to grow further at the domestic level, the conflict comes as a challenge that needs to recognize the people inside as their own. For example. it often happens that people enter into a relationship with someone who has already had a partner, marital relationship or a child. At the beginning, this person is not important but over time, ie. when sober of love realizes that now has to deal with that, there is a problem in the relationship. When she wakes up resentment, jealousy or any other negative emotion, you’re actually gonna be in it to save and not with someone else in a relationship, because it is her emotion with which he will have to fight, if not with that person, then you already with the following, otherwise it will not be able to have a mature and serious relationship that can last. This means that the person must work on ourselves and our inner development. But on the other hand, the other person is not accidentally get such a partner, because maybe his lesson that must be in everyday life deal with people who are jealous, and so pushy. The two are attracted to similar internal circuit, which must be resolved, otherwise it can be a complete personality. For us to serve other people, relationships and love. Love is responsibility, love teaches us respect, self-esteem, teaches us giving and receiving, teaches us a very important lesson of this world – we’re there to find love through a balance in itself. Because our planet Earth is between Mars and Venus, but we and actually came to this planet to solve this eternal question or topic – if we split, whether searching for our other half, whether you’re looking for our soulmate in the form of partners or our second part. Everywhere looking for an answer, but not in his heart. And here we just have to listen quietly, you and your heart, for it knows everything. Moderation, calm, accepting us the way they are, accepting others the way they are, with all faults and virtues will welcome this second half of himself, but not to us she made whole, but to us the other person help to themselves realize the two.

The stars in the sky reflect your inner growth. As they moved, so moving and your inner development. Astrology monitors your life steps, it is worth for you to get astorloški insight into the current situation. Do your annual horoscope to find out whether you’re ready for love!