When you read all of this sign, you’ll want it all to ourselves

Perhaps from society no one will ever fully know how jealous you are and how much things actually affect, or when you get home and when you find yourself alone, your outbursts of jealousy meet after that broken kitchenware …

It is about bulls.

People think you’re a pessimist, but you are actually true realist!

Maybe you do not see the cup semi full, but we’re aware that you’re running out of water and you’ll soon need more. I do not understand why some people have to be perfectionists (you is good, although not perfect).

A true example that describes how much you practice, although not perfect – although you are invited to a party that is threatening to become a real hassle, you will not just go away but you’ll get the most out of this situation! And if you’d stayed at home – it would be great because you know enjoy the maximum.

People will never understand how you can be so independent.

Bulls do not need nobody, perfect function with yourself and have fun. Going to a deserted island for them would be awesome, because there would be around a great, fun and completely enjoy.

At first glance, people may conclude that you have a cold, but underneath hides a wonderful, warm and gentle creature.

Of all the zodiac signs, the coldest Bulls may look as if nothing in the world can not disturb. But friends know how much love, the feelings of warmth and hidden in the heart of a Taurus!

Friends you will always be able to ask for the service because the Bulls give everything they have if you need it!

Money, talking, dressing room, while … His friends offer everything you have always you can call for anything.

When you come up with a plan, you will not leave until you get.

Sounds like stubbornness, which is one of the main characteristics of the bulls, but thanks to that same stubbornness, persistence and perseverance – no goal that you have not achieved. Well done!