WHEN YOU WALK ON “knot”: Horoscope reveals the kind of man you will marry

Not only do the stars know everything about you, what are you having sex, how to love, and what are your greatest weaknesses, they also know exactly for whom you will marry.


You need someone who will be able to follow you closely. You will marry a man who both loves adventure as you and loves to compete. There will be strong, athletic and always ready for a challenge. Your future husband will not run away from the arguments and reconciliation will love sex just like you.


You will marry a guy with a strong will to exude sensuality and who longs for all the pleasures that life has to offer. It will be quite dominant, but not in a bad way, but will make you feel safe. There will always watch your back.


Nothing’s more attractive than a man who can you compete with intelligence, entertain you, and excellent in an interview. With this type of life is not boring, but since you chose him because of his mind, and in old age they will be just as sexy as of now.


Attract and sensitive men and the best you’ll feel next to a guy who reminds you of your father. Not because he is older, but because it gives you the emotional security and you can already see it as the father of their children. He will be your wall.


To be sure, you like to be a star, but you’re ready to share the stage with a man who is perfect for you. A man with whom you will stand the knot will be incredibly handsome, generous, attentive and will fully understand and appreciate all the things that seem so spectacular. You two will jointly rule the world.


You need someone who will respect your boundaries, but in the analytic world to inject a little humor and creativity. Yes, it will be intelligent and affectionate, neat and clean, but it will also be one of those men who has a grill in the eyes and is able to cope with stressful situations.


There is a big chance you’re going to marry another Libra. How different are you going to find a person who is so much a social as you? The man will be very eloquent, fun and friendly. Did we mention that it will be very convenient?


Scorpio mysterious attract people. You’re very possessive, stubborn and sometimes you can be a little jealous, so it is no wonder that you will choose such a man. You will have incredible sexual chemistry, as well as constant psychological struggle that will test your willpower.


You need a partner with whom you can share your adventures and lead interesting conversations. The man of your dreams will have the perfect balance of honesty, integrity and humor. It will be your best friend, teacher and guide through life. In a word, true love.


For the year, you really are just a number, and you will also find a successful man with whom you can imagine a common future. You know that a successful marriage takes a lot of work, both of you are willing to roll up your sleeves.


Your future husband will you capture the imagination as soon as you meet him it will be interesting, exciting and unpredictable. He might even have attitudes that will shock many, but definitely next to you do not want a boring man. Every day you will get excited on so many levels – mentally, emotionally and sexually – and constantly’ll therefore want to try new things.


You love dreamers, romantic souls who are not afraid to show his sensitive side. You will marry a man who will at the same time to provide help, but will it be necessary. So good you’ll cover you will actually be like one person.