WHERE ONE Gaza that grass does not grow! Mislead anyone they want, they are the true alpha females horoscope, not a Scorpio

Alfa “female”, ambitious, disciplined, organized, patient, responsible, practical, determined, fearless, focused on the goal and happy only when it occurs.

As a typical representative of the group of earth signs, it stands firmly on the ground and is not prone to fantasies already lives in reality and take from it the best I can. Because of his unwavering ambition and urge to constantly move forward often leave the rest behind, and the turn from the way that he has set is not easy.

She – a woman Capricorn!

Incredibly strong, Capricorn wife can overcome all of life’s troubles, but what is the problem as befell will manage to remain calm and collected, and will immediately start looking for a solution.

It can make a cool and reserved, but beneath the surface lies a woman with a great sense of humor who longs for certainty. Part of their ambition is willing to sacrifice just for one – family. When he was not her day, it may be too stubborn, moody, shy and pessimistic.


In nature, she did not fall in love at first sight, nor to waste time on meaningless flirtation that he knows is going nowhere. Love is a serious matter for her and if she does not like someone let fate do the work but will always aware of its ability to take matters into their own hands and make sure to get the man she wants.

Partner loves to pamper and care for him for what may seem like she’s related subject, but in fact will never lose its innate independence, or will visite the partner. With his life companion wants to be equal, and with him will stand and be his support and in the most difficult moments. Look for someone who will love you the same success as she is the perfect link for her blend of love, security and performance.

A passionate lover. Ideal partners will find the other two earth signs, Taurus or Virgo, because they know to penetrate to her heart and reveal his warm and tender core, and one watermark, Raku, which will fully satisfy their emotional needs. Good can not agree with the Scorpio.


As the natural leader, the wife of Capricorn is often the “main” and among his friends.

She likes to have her committed to a “group” in which the new members difficult to play, but when you realize how the group functions will accept you as inherently equal.

According to friends boasts almost motherly, so it can always ask for advice and help, and just as a mother to do for their children, tend to make plans for their friends that they do not know.

When it was all planned, only to briefly inform them that evening go skating or to the New Year is celebrated in a cottage in the countryside. Just like family, very loyal to his friends and they always lets us know that it can rely.


Capricorn wife wins her classic beauty, her whole look is very appealing, and the first thing everyone noticed on her high cheekbones that give it a special elegance and charm. Typical representatives of the sign is characterized by a long nose, expressive and harmonious face, deep, dark little eyes, slim figure and slender neck, accentuated shoulders and a clean and radiant complexion.

There are very good and precisely shaped eyebrows and sensual lips provide extra charm of her appearance. Her hair is usually thin and silky dark color and hue. In addition to expressive cheekbones to first conquer her beautiful smile for that constantly gets compliments. There shapely legs, thin ankles and small feet because of which her walk fast, agile and secure. Always looks fresh and younger than they actually are.


Status and image are important woman Capricorn why the house will never go out dressed casually. Clothing style emphasizes her individuality and her outfits are the most strict, business, precision and clean lines.

What you’re truly enjoying the fashion accessories and jewelry collection, but not prenapadan and kitsch.

Never buys unreasonable and beyond their capabilities but yourself when it really can not afford. She knows how much her hard-earned money’s worth and not wasting it meaningless, but precisely buys.