Which sign is “born” your relationship? Just like people and connections have zodiacal sign …. (ASTRO)

Remember the anniversary date of your connection, or the day when you start dating and see whom the sign belongs to your love story.

Just like people and connections have a sign of the zodiac, so that, for example, link pair which is introduced over a period of 21 3 to 20.4 in Aries. Remember the anniversary date of your connection, or the day when you start dating and see whom the sign belongs to your love story.

RAM (21 3 – 20 4)

If you know your partner during the reign of the Sun in the first zodiacal sign, your relationship can be very exciting, filled with passion, but also jealous scenes, stormy break-ups and reconciliations. This fiery, impulsive sign manages Mars, the planet of sexuality, power and aggression, so you will not be able to avoid strife, but will reconciliation be very cute. Aries and Gemini, symbolizes the childlike soul, why will your relationship be honest and open. While “you have eyes only for him”, the connection can only flourish.

BIK (21 4 – 21 5)

If you are in love with someone during the reign of the Sun in the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you are likely to enjoy every moment spent with him. Taurus operated Venus, the planet of pleasure, beauty and love, why would your relationship be filled cuddling and kisses, touches, “special” massages … Also, together you will enjoy the music, especially dance, exhibitions and outings, especially in restaurants that known for its good food. However, in this connection may occasionally occur discussions related to finances.

GEMINI (22 5 – 21 6)

Perhaps you are not aware of how much you’re lucky you met your partner during the reign of the Sun in the third zodiacal sign. Gemini fluttering managed Mercury, symbol of communication and will therefore any misunderstandings and doubts still able to resolve the interview. A conversation will never be enough … Constantly you will receive SMS messages, emails, and always finding a way to get in touch with your partner. A little more romance could bring a breath of fresh air in your relationship, especially if you are a representative of the stronger sex.

CANCER (22 6 – 22 7)

You could not choose a better time to start a relationship than during the reign of the Sun in the family, a romantic sign under the influence of the moon, symbols and emotions at home. Therefore, you will not be difficult for their pent feelings partners show at any time, on any of your, special way. Your talent for cooking can only strengthen this link, which can take much longer than you could surmise that, especially if you’re a lady. If you are a man, you have the feeling that your partner is “suffocating” outbursts of emotion.

LAV (23 7 – 22 8)

During the reign of the Sun in fiery Leo, bonds generally start suddenly, and when you least expect it. If you have partners met at a sports tribune or at a concert, you’ll never be bored. The only question is how long will all this take … If you are a lady partner will try to put you to know that he’s in charge, and if you are a man, you will not be easy to fight with the vanity of their chosen ones. However, everything carries overtones of drama and something childish, gives a special charm to this tumultuous relationship.

VIRGO (23 8 – 22 9)

In this relation born during the reign of the Sun in the proverbial, meticulous Virgo can be very interesting. This symbol is managed by Mercury, planet of communication and information, and you will often find together the many interesting places, parties, celebrations, birthdays, mostly everywhere something was happening …

And you’ll never be bored because you will be an excellent complement and inform each other about what you saw and heard. You could also organize some joint business that would give a new dimension to your relationship.

LIBRA (23 9 – 22 10)

The rule of the sun in the sign of partnership, suggests excellent prospects for the success of this relationship ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. Although Libra symbolizes harmony, it is desirable that some partners are more planets in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. The problems in this relationship can occur when one of you is unable to decide between two or more options with respect to living together. Problems will always easier to overcome with a box of chocolates or flowers, concert tickets, especially if you are a man.

SCORPIO (23 10 – 22 11)

In the reign of the Sun in erotic Scorpio, the sign that symbolizes sexuality and strong instincts, born mostly stormy relationship, filled with jealous scenes and passionate reconciliations. Under the influence of Pluto and Mars, the planet of eroticism and power, you’ll never be a lot of enjoyment to those whom you have chosen. However, you may be thanks to the perceptiveness of his mysterious partner, and discover that other, unknown side of his nature. However, avoid situations in which they expressed could not get jealous partner.

SCORER (23 11 – 21 12)

If you are already lucky enough to start a connection to the reign of the Sun in Sagittarius adventurous, relax and enjoy the moments together with whoever you drew. You will never be enough for two trips, whether it is a longer or shorter stays at some destinations ineteresantnim. You’ll never be bored, because it will be quarrels and reconciliation, and the termination and renewal of ties under the most unusual circumstances. Still, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, “pull” you a new experience, especially if you are a man.

CAPRICORN (22 12 – 20 1)

Even if you are not planning any serious relationship, this “into the game” during the reign of the Sun in the Capricorn appearance cold, you have every chance to stay together with a partner for life. In this regard, under the influence of the old, good Saturn, the planet of responsibility, you’ll never miss the feeling of security and tranquility, especially if you are a representative of the gentler sex. There’s nothing going for you two to be unattainable, because you are always stronger together. When you want to recall shared memories, go with a partner in long walks.

AQUARIUS (21 1 – 19 2)

If your relationship is “born” during the reign of the Sun in this rebellious, prone to surprises sign, there is nothing that together will not be able to achieve. Of course, provided that the partner never “choke” and not denied his freedom of choice and decision-making, regardless of whom you have sex. However, what is normal to others, and you and your partner after a while it can become monotonous. Because we should not forget that your attitude influenced by volatile Uranus, the planet that symbolizes change and adventure.

FISH (20 2 – 20 3)

If your relationship is born in one of the most romantic and emotional signs of the zodiac, you will have the opportunity to enjoy with your partner in your joint a world built of dreams and enjoyment. Under the influence of Neptune, the planet symbolizing passion and love, but at the first meeting you’ve probably felt that simply belong together. You will enjoy the music, dance, creative partner, a special pleasure to represent you romantic dinners under candlelight, with a tasting of your favorite beverage, probably wine.