Who forgives EASY WHEN DIFFICULT BUT WHO DO: Learn where the zodiac signs no “sorry” does not help!

Check that character is the biggest grudge and who goes fastest anger …


Aries forgiven if he felt remorse. It is very easy to offend, but just as quickly he can forgive. If it offended a lot is possible that a few days will not talk to you, but after a while a stubborn Aries will loosen.


Vengeful Taurus difficult to forgive. Very complicated character, especially when he gets hurt ego or dignity. Often unable to terminate friendship if it determines that it is the opposite side down. It is extremely loyal and faithful friend, the same expected return.


The twins do not make a drama about forgiveness. Gemini will forgive anyone who sincerely seek forgiveness from them. About it will never make a play. They believe that everyone can make a mistake. The easiest way to forgive when their friends show each other how much they need in life.


Cancer takes a lot of apologies. The sign, which often changes the mood and loves to take revenge for the things that have caused him pain. Difficult to forgive fraud or treason. He will forgive only if you see that the other side bothered to apologize and well explained to him that repents. In Rakova small token of appreciation is to be rejected.


Arguing? What feud? Leo often surprised when his friends say that he is hurt, because almost never thinks about his actions. When there is an argument, he will only withdraw. He almost never apologizes to others, but do not expect not to be friends apologize to him.


Virgo is forgiven with a clear apology. Fickle by nature, often stubborn and vindictive. When it is difficult to make up for their sins, because it often exaggerates everything around her.


Libra likes to play warm – cold. It is generally known that likes to make a drama out of everything. Any conflict will submit a well and a certain collapse of the system. At one point, all will be ready to forgive, but more in the future will change my mind.


This is the most stubborn zodiac sign. Often it is able to terminate the long-term

friendship, because it simmers dose of revenge, but also to show others that with him no jokes. Anger this sign can last for years.


Aquarius believes that everyone deserves a second chance. One of the few characters who will forgive you all, because I think everyone deserves a second chance. On each story will be seen from all sides. If his friends explain why they have not been honest with him, and if he sees that he did not intentionally hurt you, Leo will easily forgive.


Capricorn will avenge evil gossip. He is extremely proud and vengeful and unforgiving light. She loves to gossip and often those who have hurt him to be the target of his malicious gossip. Therefore, the majority of friends afraid to hurt him, because they know that they can easily destroy a reputation. Bribery of any kind, food, gifts or money, cheer this sign.


Aquarius is the sign that will say goodbye to all my friends, because it considers itself a highly moral and honest. But if you understand that some friends have bad energy and adversely affect him, forgiveness and continue socializing will hardly be possible.


Fish are one of the proudest signs of the horoscope. Very hard to say goodbye to them as friends failed, and even if the pardons, some time will be at a distance. They water their intuition, so if you feel that someone should be exempt, will be forgiven, but if not, then it is better that the person disappears from her life.