Who is creative and who is selfish? The month in which you were born reveals how you are in bed!

The month in which you were born determines what you are lovers, and what are your sexual habits.


When messing with someone concerned, these people are quite conservative, but when someone really like it, are extremely persistent in realizing their dreams. Characterized by extremely dirty imagination and with those born in November, the real beast in bed.


These people are very prone to adventures. They are very passionate but the passion you need to seriously earn. Although the time ready for big things, it’s important to them is to connect emotionally with your partner. And it is to connect with them on a long-term process, which must be prepared.


People born in March love to spend time in bed and the bed will be as much as allows them to rest of his life. For them sex is more than just a physical manifestation of the passions, the connection with your partner is very important to them, and they raise the intimacy of some entirely new levels …


These people are very independent and when to engage in a relationship with someone, to give it his all. Sex with this person is much more intense and passionate, but when it’s over, it’s over. They may have regarding burning passion, but just as quickly and burn their attraction they feel towards a person.


These people is most important to them, sex is a pleasant experience. They’re in love and sex in itself: as long as it takes place on silk beneath sheets, be prepared for a real marathons consumption.


These extremely curious people are ready to try all possible positions that exist, as well as other spices that make sex even more intense experience. If you love the “dirtier” sex, this is the person for you, but if sex over the phone something that makes you horny, this is your soul mate …


To even occurred sex with these people, they need to feel an emotional connection. They need to feel safe with your partner, and once that happens, there is nothing that will not make partner. They are great lovers, because she loves to give pleasure to the partner.


Crucified between two extremes – either they are extremely selfish and are extremely generous. Or will want to partner provide absolutely everything he wants, or will simply turn around and go to bed with someone else. They hate when you tell them what to do in bed and love to show off their sexual skills.


These are very passionate people, but I always try to control their emotions, but when it comes to sex, you need considerable time to fully relax and have yourself a great orgasm. Perhaps the sex does not jump dizzying, but when you smell an emotional connection, there is nothing that a partner will not do …


They will draw everything you expect from them, will tell you all that you can expect and feelings that will permeate. You will enjoy the whole process of seduction and foreplay and will try to make this experience lasts as long as necessary. These individuals may lack passion, but to make up for all the tremendous care, charm and romance.


These persons are walking definition of passionate sex. They want to have their partner and they want their partner has them, because they are ready to do anything to achieve it. The sex will try anything that might try, just to be able to say that they are all done.


Those born in December are very creative in bed. They love to make up stories, games and a variety of roles for yourself and your partner. It is often difficult to connect more deeply with them, but because sex with them every time a fun experience.